Products that Fly

At Skydio our fundamental goal is to deliver the power and magic of flying cameras without the complexity. Current drones are cool gadgets for enthusiasts but still a curiosity to mainstream consumers. Our belief is that advanced onboard computer vision and artificial intelligence, combined with world class hardware product design, will yield a breakthrough that makes drones a trusted part of our daily lives.

Our hardware team is comprised of seasoned engineers from Apple and Tesla, and this pedigree shows in the product we’re developing. We’ve created a flying robot with advanced silicon and a multitude of sensors that pushes the limits of high-speed digital and power electronics design.  From this dense technology foundation evolves an incredible new breed of intelligent device.

A big part of what excites us goes beyond what we’re building today and lies in the possibilities ahead. We know that onboard intelligence is an architecture not a feature. This intelligence is rooted in a fundamental connection between algorithms, compute hardware, and sensors which fuels our dedication to building world-class software and hardware teams. Together, we couldn’t be more excited about expanding the possibilities of our world by building a collaborative future between people and robots.