May 24, 2022

Myths Busted: The Wrong Way to Evaluate Drones For Inspection - Inspection eBook Volume 8

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Cole Martin

Skydio Inspection eBook Volume 8 Cover

Skydio drones are all about working smarter, not harder, through AI-powered autonomous flight. They use AI to adapt their flight pattern to any environment and any given resolution requirement. With a new way to fly a drone comes a new way to evaluate the best drone for the job.

The 2010’s were dominated by manual drones with the same workflows for various inspections. Now we are seeing drone systems moving to be more autonomous and software-based with new workflows for capturing the best dataset. Our Enterprise Drone Inspection eBook is designed to help program managers navigate this expansive new set of options.

New eBook How to Evaluate Drone Systems

Today, we are releasing Volume 8 of the eBook, which is titled: “Myths Busted: The Wrong Way to Evaluate Inspection Drones.” In this installment, we use strict benchmarking and side-by-side comparisons to dive into a few of the most common misconceptions around evaluating modern drone systems.

Pilots worldwide have referred to Skydio’s autonomous drones as game-changing, because they render many of these evaluation criteria obsolete. Today, it is no longer good enough for a drone to carry the biggest camera sensor—to be the best aircraft for the job, a drone has to prove that it can provide the best dataset. Software-based solutions provide the best capabilities for this objective.

Drone Image Comparison

Skydio camera comparison construction site

A comparison of Skydio 2 vs. the DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0. Skydio photos are across the top, DJI outputs are in the second row. Left: Photo comparison shows the Skydio has more vivid colorization, even from higher altitude. Middle: 2D Stitched Orthomosaic photo has more vivid coloration and detail in the Skydio version. Right: Zooming in on the 3D model shows greater detail in the Skydio version above - in particular on the spaces between the pipes.

The Problem With Other Drones on the Market

Not all drones are created equal. Last-generation manual drones cannot be flown up close to metal structures without introducing high crash risk, so manufacturers have raced to add larger and more expensive camera payloads that can zoom in from far away. Skydio’s autonomous drones can accomplish better inspections with smaller cameras simply by being able to fly closer to the subject, reducing the requirement to carry such precious camera payloads.

With an expanding set of options, it is no longer good enough to simply buy the drone with the biggest camera. To unlock these next-generation operations, drone program managers need to know they will be able to generate the data they need to make and communicate decisions. We sincerely hope that these materials, with their in-depth dataset comparisons, will make your upcoming drone decisions easier as you build and scale your fleets. Choose confidently and safe flying!

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