Introducing the Skydio Autonomy Platform.

Build on top of the groundbreaking Skydio Autonomy Engine to create new cinematic Skills and enable powerful new data collection workflows in the most difficult environments — outside and indoors.

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Skills SDK

Define new Skills for Skydio R1 with Python scripts that run on device. Leverage Skydio’s understanding of the environment to build drone apps that are truly autonomous.

Mobile SDKs

Filming an action sequence requires a very different user experience from inspecting a bridge. Build the right app interface for your application with the Mobile SDK.

Skydio Simulator

Rapidly iterate on autonomous vehicle behaviors and your mobile app for controlling them with Skydio’s web-based simulator, no need to deploy new builds to physical hardware for testing.

Build on R1.

The Skydio Autonomy Platform is available now for select partners. Sign up to get on the list for our upcoming invite-only beta.

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