Skydio 3D ScanTM Gallery

Skydio is the leading U.S. drone manufacturer and world leader in autonomous flight. Skydio leverages breakthrough AI to create the world’s most intelligent flying machines for use by consumer, enterprise, and government customers.

  • Frederick, MD Bell Tower

    MD Bell Tower, a 3D capture with Skydio 2, was performed in less than one hour. Digital twins created by drones can simplify, speed and reduce the cost of documentation of historical buildings.

    Photogrammetry Engine: Bentley ContextCapture

  • ACWR Train Engine

    Skydio drones can help rapidly inspect and document the status of large vehicles like locomotives, but manual drones struggle to capture imagery up close or in overhung environments. With Aberdeen, Carolina, and Western Railway's support we were able to generate and share this dataset in 38min, using 511 photos.

    Photogrammetry Engine: Bentley ContextCapture

  • Utility Switch

    This model is of an electrical switch at a transmission infrastructure test site, for testing operated by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). The model was generated without the use of a bucket truck, any pre-planning, or nerve-wracking pilot flight - just one Skydio X2E Color, 3D Scan, and 21 minutes of autonomous flight.

    Photogrammetry Engine: Bentley ContextCapture

  • Mock crime scene

    This mock crime scene was captured by Carl Blando of the Boston Police Department using 3D Scan on a Skydio 2. 3D Scan’s Adaptive Mapping algorithms design a unique pattern for each scene to capture full coverage of any accident, and create a comprehensive model for crime and accident scene reconstructionists.

    Photogrammetry Engine: Bentley ContextCapture

  • Military Operations in Urban Terrain: Village

    This model of a Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) Village is a good representation of an urban warfare environment, shown with a larger coverage area which lends itself to a wide variety of operational implementations. This can be extremely useful to the planning, execution, and evaluation of a mission.

    Photogrammetry Engine: Bentley ContextCapture

  • Car wreck

    This model, featuring 210 photos stitched together in Bentley ContextCapture, contains incredible detail of all sides and angles of the car wreck, which would be impossible to document with a manual drone’s simplistic top-down flight.

  • Sepulveda Dam

    This scan is a glimpse into the future of asset inspections. With its automated workflows and obstacle avoidance, 3D scan will revolutionize the way infrastructure assets like this dam are inspected. With sub-millimeter precision, inspectors are able to detect even the smallest cracks in concrete (embedded model is down-sampled for useability).

  • Corsair Jet

    The metallic structure of a jet fuselage is difficult for a manual drone to navigate near, requiring long standoff distances and expensive hardware to compensate for conservative flight patterns. 3D Scan can capture incredible up-close detail with fully automated workflows.

  • Crane Mast

    Crane masts must be regularly inspected and maintained for worker safety, but manual drones cannot get close enough to capture the level of detail shown here without an expensive zoom lens. 3D Scan works without GPS and near metallic structures where manual drone magnetometers would fail.