• May 20 2021JIW grows bridge inspection business 70x by switching to Skydio

    Japan Infrastructure Waymark (JIW) is a rapidly growing drone service provider (DSP) that provides bridge and culvert inspections to Japan’s network of approximately 714,000 bridges. Skydio drones have transformed JIW’s operations, enabling safe flights in complex environments, more precise data capture, and scalable operations. After switching from DJI to Skydio, JIW's inspection business grew 70x in 12 months.

  • May 17 2021Featured Flyer Spotlight: Lane Womack

    As a content creator, Lane Womack has been a huge contributor to Skydio's video content output. Lane has been featured multiple times on Skydio's social channels and continues to produce high-quality and engaging videos with his Skydio 2.

  • May 13 20213D Scan Sneak Peek: Lunar Lander

    Our latest 3D Scan sneak peek showcases the Lunar Lander, a replica of the spacecraft that put humans onto the surface of the moon. This replica is located at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, which will be hosting Skydio's largest virtual event ever on June 2nd! Read the full blog to learn more about 3D Scan's incredible potential.

  • May 10 2021Featured Flyer Spotlight: Ian Padgham

    Creativity is something we value highly here at Skydio. Enabling solo-shooters/editors to create works of art that would be impossible with traditional cameras is what gets us going. Today we're extremely excited to Introduce the Skydio community to Ian Padgham.

  • May 04 2021Skydio Cloud: A New World of Autonomous Connected Flight Operations

    To build scalable enterprise drone programs, it is absolutely critical that we move toward a world where drones are both smart and seamlessly connected to the cloud.

  • April 29 2021Skydio Featured Flyer: Get to Know Alexander Holmblad

    This week we're getting to know Alexander Holmblad an elite runner that has been using Skydio 2 to capture his solo-runs. When we first stumbled across Alexander he was bringing a pilot with him on his runs when he wanted to capture high quality drone shots for his Instagram. Now, he can take his Skydio 2 and get incredible footage all on his own.

  • April 06 20213D Scan Sneak Peek #4 - Sepulveda Dam

    Check out our newest 3D model, the Sepulveda Dam in Los Angeles, CA. This metal and concrete structure would be tough to inspect with a manual drone due to GPS and magnetometer interference, but Skydio 3D Scan makes it easy. This scan demonstrates 3D Scan's potential to help pilots perform faster, better, and more accurate inspections of all types of infrastructure.

  • March 31 2021Aeronyde Swaps DJI with Skydio to Get Jobs Done 60% Faster

    Aeronyde is a diversified Drone Services Provider (DSP) serving various enterprise and public safety clients across the Southeastern United States. After rigorously testing over 1,000 automated missions comparing the Skydio 2, DJI Mavic 2 (Pro/Enterprise), and DJI Inspire series UAVs, Skydio outperformed DJI, and has supplanted its enterprise workload.

  • March 25 2021Skydio Featured Flyer: Get to Know Christian Little

    Christian is a mountain biking adventure athlete who has realized her calling and is working to inspire men and women to pursue their passions.