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The ultimate organic, unit-level sUAS solution for military personnel to conduct reconnaissance, security patrol and incident response missions. The X2D system delivers a trustworthy NDAA compliant solution.

360° Obstacle Avoidance
Autonomous 3D Data Capture
Durable and Portable
Night Operation Enabled
DOD Trusted Platform
Assembled in the USA
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American Innovation and Craftsmanship

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Secure and Trustworthy Blue sUAS

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Skydio X2D SRR system was selected for final integration in the U.S. Army’s Short Range Reconnaissance Program

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Organic, Unit-Level sUAS to Support Mission Success

Skydio X2 drone military use


Deploy a portable, rugged sUAS system to allow individual troops to gather real-time intelligence about local terrain, friendly unit actions, and possible enemy elements.

skydio x2 controller military

Security & Patrol

Leverage state-of-the-art sensors and maneuvering capabilities to provide overwatch security, and real-time oversight of enemy ingress/egress routes.

skydio x2 disaster response 3D scan

Incident Response

Remotely generate high-fidelity 3D models of any scene or structure for timely and accurate incident response, post blast analysis, and reduced risk to force.

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Skydio X2D: a True Force Multiplier

Autonomous Flight for Reduced Cognitive Overload

Focus on the mission and shorten sensor to soldier lag time. Skydio X2D implements breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, computer vision, and robotics to deliver:

- 360° obstacle avoidance for the simplest flight experience

- AI-enabled subject detection
, both people and vehicles

- Waypoint missions with context-aware path planning

skydio autonomous flight

AI-Powered Workflows for Max Efficiency and Awareness

Make every flight safer and more efficient. Powerful AI-pilot assistance capabilities provide a tactical edge for the operator on the ground.

- 360 Superzoom for maximum situational awareness

- Point of Interest Orbit for autonomous overwatch

- 3D Scan for autonomous scene reconstruction

skydio 3d scan reconstruction

Ruggedized and Portable for Reliable Deployment

Skydio X2D is built to provide durability against the elements and to give any ground force unit access to an organic ISR asset.

- Magnesium and carbon fiber composite construction

- Foldable airframe
for easy rucksack portability

Full system deployment in under 75 seconds

skydio x2 folded in hand

Equipped to Operate in Multiple Conditions and Environments

Operate day or night with the dual sensor combining 4K60 HDR camera (16x digital zoom) and FLIR® Boson 320x256 thermal (8x zoom). Other key features include:

- Night flight based on GPS navigation

- Strobing lights in visible and IR wavelengths

- Vision-based navigation to enable flight in GPS-denied areas

launching skydio X2

Skydio X2D in Action

The ultimate solution for ISR, patrol, and search & rescue missions

American Flag

American Innovation and Craftsmanship

We design, assemble, and support our products in the U.S. We develop our software in-house and source our processors from U.S. companies. This enables us to provide a high level of supply chain security.

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Secure and Trustworthy Blue sUAS

For providing the highest levels of supply chain and cybersecurity, including National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) compliance, Skydio X2D was selected as a trusted drone platform for the Department of Defense as part of DIU’s Blue sUAS Program.

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“When you tie a foreign-made aircraft into your network or a cloud, you may inadvertently be giving your potential adversaries access to your network. That’s where our biggest concern is.

That’s why we must employ aircraft that are approved by the AFSOC. The Skydio X2 is one of those 20 aircraft that are on that list.”

Austin Worcester, Sr Program Manager, sUAS Civil Air Patrol

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Skydio X2 held by military person
Skydio X2D

Military-grade drone

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SKydio X2 Flying defense
Enterprise Foundation

Advanced AI-pilot assistance

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3d scan autonomous generation
3D Scan

Autonomous data capture

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Skydio X2D: AI-powered Autonomous Drone for Organic, Unit-level ISR

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Skydio X2D Capability Statement

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Skydio X2D Overview and Technical Specifications

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Skydio 3D Scan Overview and Features

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Skydio solutions for Defense and Public Sector

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Build a Lasting Tactical Edge - Scaling your Autonomous Drone Program with Skydio

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How Skydio drones and AI-driven autonomy ensure mission success

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AI-powered Autonomous Drones for Organic, Unit-level ISR

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