Autonomous Drones for Inspection

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How Drones are Improving Enterprise Inspection

Easier and Safer to Operate

Protect workers from large equipment and from entering dangerous areas by using drones to inspect assets.

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Captures Data Others Can’t

Manage infrastructure with aerial insights acquired from drone data and perform inspections more regularly.

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Automated Data Capture

Perform critical inspections with fewer people using autonomous drone solutions to reduce time.

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Enterprise Inspection Drone Use Cases

Energy & Utilities

Drones provide safety and increased efficiency when performing detailed inspections of power generating assets and to distribution networks.

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Autonomous drone solutions help manage all aspects of the construction process from site survey to progress monitoring  all while reducing risk and keep personnel safe.

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Autonomous drones can create accurate 3D models of telecommunication equipment streamline planning and inspection.

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Transportation Infrastructure

Drone solutions provide critical visual data on the condition of bridges, roads, and railroads, so problem areas can be addressed quickly without shutting down operations.

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Helping Industry Leaders Perform Better Inspections

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Enterprise Drone Inspection: Picking the Right Platform

In this eBook, we take a rigorous approach to inspection data comparisons. This series draws on dozens of interviews, image quality benchmarking, and the combined decades of experience from the Skydio Engineering and Customer Success teams. It is our hope that the data in this series helps drone program operators better understand the options available to today’s fleets and select the equipment that will provide the right data to them.


Inspection Updates

3D Tower Capture: 3D Scan Gets Smarter

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2D GPS Capture: A new capture mode for Skydio 3D Scan

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Skydio Partners with Optelos to Accelerate Asset Inspection

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Breaking Regulatory Barriers for Remote Operations

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Inspection Drone Products

Skydio 3D Scan – Autonomous Inspection Data Capture

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Skydio X2 - Deploys Fast. Built Tough.

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Skydio Cloud - Connected Flight Operations

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Skydio 2+ Enterprise – Turns Anyone Into an Expert Pilot

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Inspection at Scale - How to Build a Mission-Critical Drone Inspection Program

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AI Meets Inspection: How Autonomous Drones are Changing the Game in Enterprise

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What’s New with Skydio: Introducing Skydio 2+

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From manual drones to Skydio: An industry veteran on best practices for the Age of Autonomy

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