Skydio Autonomy™

A new generation of drone intelligence

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Skydio Autonomy™

Skydio Autonomy is the result of a decade of R&D at the cutting edge of artificial intelligence, computer vision, and robotics. Nothing on earth flies like a Skydio.

Though many claim autonomy, conventional drones feature little more than waypoint missions and basic obstacle detection. Skydio AI is different. Our drones use six 4K cameras to build a 3D map of their surroundings, deep learning algorithms to understand what they're seeing, and advanced AI to predict into the future and make intelligent decisions.

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Skydio Autonomy Enterprise

Delivers the professional flight experience required to meet the challenges of the most complex missions and environments. Leverage AI-pilot assistance capabilities to maximize your situational awareness and achieve ultimate flight control over detailed inspections.

Maximum Situational Awareness

360 Superzoom™

Zoom out for a 360° live view of your surroundings or digitally zoom in for the ultimate situational awareness.


Point-of-Interest Orbit

Get a birds-eye view of a relevant scene by orbiting the drone around a user-specified point on the map.



Never lose sight of what matters. Track specific objects from a long distance and keep them inside the frame from a fixed position in the sky.

Track in place

Offline Maps

Fly in LTE-denied environments with the ability to download and save maps to the controller.

Download Map

Ultimate Control for Asset Inspection

Close Proximity Obstacle Avoidance

Inspect from up close and fit your drone into any nook or cranny using a reduced obstacle avoidance margin.


Precision Mode

Line up the perfect shot with ultra-precise positioning of the drone based on joystick inputs.


Vertical View

Capture images directly above your drone. Combined with obstacle avoidance and GPS-denied flight, it's the perfect feature to capture overhead inspection targets.

Vertical View

Visual Return-to-Home

Fly back safely through GPS-denied environments by navigating home with full obstacle avoidance using computer vision.