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Connected Flight Operations

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skydio cloud fleet management

Current enterprise drone operations are siloed between hardware and management solutions. Users are forced to rely on mobile app integrations, or manual uploads to make data broadly available.

To unlock the power of drones at scale, flight operations require an interconnected platform to collect all data, search through it, and share it freely across the organization.

Enabling Connected Flight Operations

Skydio Cloud represents the newest layer in the Skydio Enterprise Architecture, acting as the foundation for connected flight operations and tight integration with a broad ecosystem of partner solutions.

Skydio Cloud

Actionable Data Where and When Needed

Skydio Cloud seamlessly integrates your Skydio 2 and Skydio X2 drones with a suite of advanced cloud services designed to let flight-collected data flow and be utilized easily and in real-time throughout your organization.

Skydio Fleet Manager

Federated management for connected drone operations

  • Fleet management for scalable, telemetry-driven operations
  • Deep insight into usage metrics collected from the field
  • Access to flight data via cloud dashboard and API
Skydio fleet manager

Skydio Media Sync

Seamless upload and management of flight media

  • Automatically connect vehicles to your Wifi network
  • Seamlessly upload media simply by plugging a vehicle into power
  • Store, Search and Share media across your organization
skydio media sync

Coming Soon

Skydio Streaming

Real-time visibility from any browser or mobile device

  • Live Situational Awareness shared with anyone in your organization
  • Multiple connectivity options including Enterprise Controller, mobile Enterprise App, or the vehicle itself.
skydio streaming

Skydio Remote Ops

Groundbreaking teleoperation capability, powered by Skydio Autonomy™

  • Real-time visibility from any browser or mobile device, backed by enterprise-grade security
  • Fly remotely indoors and outdoors* with industry-leading obstacle avoidance

*Subject to civil aviation authority approval

skydio remote ops
Skydio X2 drone Skydio 2 drone

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