Introducing the Skydio Autonomy Platform.

Skydio drones know what to look at and how to move to get the imagery you need, enabling powerful new data collection workflows and real-time situational awareness.

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Onboard intelligence

Apps built on the Skydio Autonomy Platform can be truly autonomous.

Software running on-device describes exactly how to perform data collection tasks and appropriate behavior if a person or object of interest is detected.

The ideal app

Whether you’re inspecting a roof or looking for a missing person, Skydio’s autonomy enables simple interfaces that strip away the complexity of flying a drone.

Autonomous flight — anywhere

Skydio drones fly themselves using computer vision, allowing for autonomous flight in GPS-denied conditions — indoors, underground, and close to electrical interference.

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The Skydio Autonomy Platform is available now for select partners. Get in touch to learn more about how we can enable powerful, autonomous workflows.

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