Skydio 2

Skydio 2 was designed from the ground up to combine Skydio’s breakthrough autonomy technology with a sleek, portable, high performance drone airframe that features a best in class camera. Powered by the NVIDIA TX-2 processor, 45 megapixels of visual sensing, advanced machine learning, and artificial intelligence, Skydio 2 can fly itself while autonomously filming in a highly cinematic style at up to 36 miles per hour, forward, backwards, or sideways. With a new deep learning system to understand the environment around it and a slightly spooky ability to predict the future up to 4 seconds in time, Skydio 2 is the most uncrashable drone on the planet, with collision avoidance that is years ahead of anything else. And critically, Skydio 2 lets you leverage this superpower not only when it flies itself, but also when you fly it yourself, whether via the phone app, the Controller accessory, or the all new Skydio Beacon accessory. Skydio Beacon is a totally new interface for drones that enables users to ditch their phones and control the drone with a few simple buttons and real world drag and drop, all while adding the ability for Skydio 2 to track you even when it can’t see you. 

The autonomy engine also turns Skydio 2 into a fully programmable flying robot that, with the right software, makes it the ideal drone for a wide variety of industrial and commercial uses such as mapping, inspection, and situational awareness. See here for more.

Skydio R1 (SOLD OUT)

R1 launched in February of 2018. R1 was the first drone to feature Skydio’s Autonomy Engine, providing unrivaled autonomous capture capabilities. In 2018 and 2019, Skydio delivered several major software upgrades to R1, including the ability to autonomously track cars, the ability to fly autonomously over large bodies of water, support for Apple Watch controls, and a long list of one-touch cinematic skills. Skydio completely sold out of R1 drones in the summer of 2019.