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Situational Awareness

Public Safety

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With Skydio, drones operations are more effective than ever before. Artificial intelligence takes care of the flying, so your teams can focus on the safety of the communities they serve.

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Read the white paper to learn about the 5 building blocks for public safety drone operations and the rapid growth of public safety sUAS

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Watch our on-demand webinar on How Next-gen Skydio Autonomous Drones Revolutionize Public Safety

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Watch our on-demand webinar on how drones have become valuable tools for giving police officers airborne eyes on active scenes

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Watch our on-demand webinar on how Skydio's autonomous drone solutions protect first responders

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"The Skydio 2 is ideal because it lets the drone do the flying, so my cops can be cops."

-Vern Sallee, Patrol Captain

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