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The SAFE way to simplify running a drone program.

There are many challenges that come with running a drone program. Minor mishaps, budget cuts, evolving technology and simple wear and tear. Not to mention staffing changes and other breaks in project continuity.

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Skydio SAFE is here to give you some much-needed peace of mind, thanks to budgeting options, hardware refreshes and ongoing updates. All for a full 5 years. With SAFE, drone teams can focus on doing what they do best. And leave the rest to us.

A enterprise customer associate working on a desktop computer, connected to a Skydio X2 drone.

Funding your way.

Today’s drone budget could be gone in two years. SAFE gives you flexible annual or lump-sum payment models that let you fund the program however it works best for you.

Always the latest tech.

With SAFE, Skydio will send you new hardware in year three, with no negotiation or having to fight for additional budget.

New Skydio products revealed inside a case.
Skydio personnel training police officers

5 years of personalized support and training.

SAFE gives you dedicated, personalized support and training services for a full 5 years. So you’ll have continuity even if your program manager moves on.

Protection against damage and wear.

Skydio offers best-in-class obstacle avoidance. But if by some slim chance your drone is damaged, SAFE will be there for you with a replacement.

Skydio X2 drone being used in fire fighting.

Customers sound off on SAFE.

“We’re excited to be among the first agencies to join Skydio's SAFE program and foster a new wave of partnership between public safety agencies and drone technology providers.”

UAS Program Manager

“The SAFE program has given our organization the security and confidence to invest in our drone program for the long-haul.”

UAS Coordinator,
Public Safety Agency

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