How does R1 work?

R1 was built from the ground up for full autonomy based on visual sensing. It uses Skydio Autonomy Engine, which has been the focus of four years of research and development at Skydio, as its core autonomy engine. The Skydio Autonomy Engine comprehends what’s happening around R1, predicts what will happen next, and makes intelligent decisions multiple times a second.

Do I need a need a remote control to fly R1?

No. With the Skydio app, you can fully control Skydio R1 from your phone, including launching, steering and selecting a cinematic mode, landing, and exporting clips from your flight.

Can R1 be flown manually?

R1 allows manual control through the app with:

  • Intelligent steering modes
  • Subject relative controls
  • Traditional on-screen joysticks

Manual control takes advantage of R1’s omnidirectional sensing and collision avoidance to provide users with a fundamentally more fun, less stressful, flying experience.

What makes R1 different from other drones?

R1 is the first fully autonomous drone that can fly itself to capture amazing video. We recommend watching some of our videos to see what autonomy in real-world environments looks like. We believe it is the most advanced autonomous device of any kind available to consumers today. You can think of it as a drone that comes with a pilot, which enables an entirely new kind of visual storytelling. Check out our list of Skydio Firsts.

How is Skydio different from similar efforts at autonomous drones that haven’t worked out?

We started working on autonomous flight 10 years ago as grad students at MIT and started Skydio with a sober understanding of the technical challenges involved. R1 is the result of four years of development from an expert team of engineers and researchers spanning AI, robotics, and hardware. We’re backed by some of the top venture capital firms in Silicon Valley, and have decided not to announce our product until we were ready to ship it.

What video resolution does Skydio R1 capture?

Skydio R1 shoots up to 4K at 30fps but can also capture in 1080p at 60fps and 30fps.

What comes in the box with R1?

Along with R1 itself, you also receive 1 battery, a charging set for the battery, a cleaning cloth, and two data cables (USB-C to USB-A and USB-C to USB-C).

How many batteries does R1 come with?

Skydio R1 comes with 1 battery.

Does Skydio R1 come with a memory card?

Skydio R1 comes with 64GB of storage already built-in for your convenience. That’s enough capacity for more than 1.5 hours in full 4k, or 4.5 hours in 1080p30.

What is R1’s processor?

R1 is powered by an NVIDIA TX1, a 256-core GPU. This is the same type of processor found in many self-driving cars.

Is Skydio R1 waterproof?

Skydio R1 is not waterproof. Do not expose your R1 to liquids or submerge in water.

What are the physical dimensions of R1?

At13”x16”x1.5”, Skydio R1 will fit in many backpacks as well as carry-on luggage.

What range will R1 fly from its user?

Depending on your smartphone, Skydio R1 can fly as far as 300 ft from its user. R1’s height is limited in software to approximately 60 ft above a user.

Where can I buy R1?

Visit this page to find where Skydio R1 is available.

Where can I find the Skydio app?

The Skydio app is available on both iOS and Android.

Can R1 track my car/dog?

While the R1 is great for tracking people and cars, Skydio R1 cannot currently track pets.

How fast is R1?

Skydio R1 has a top speed of 25 miles per hour.

What cinematic skills are available within the Skydio app?

There is an ever-growing library of cinematic modes built into the Skydio app. Visit this page to learn more.