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January 18 2022

Featured Flyer Spotlight: Tyler Lopez (@pk.mandime)

Tyler Lopez AKA @pk.mandine is a Skydio customer turned beta-tester leading up to the launch of our newest software update: Skydio KeyFrame. We chose Tyler as a tester of KeyFrame because of the unique parkour videos he has produced using Skydio 2 and the Cable skill. Tyler continues to deliver incredibly cinematic & unique shots using KeyFrame, inspiring the entire Skydio community to try out this ground-breaking new software skill for all Skydio 2/2+ owners.

Kendall Martin

  • January 13 2022All About Skydio 2+ for Enterprise

    Upgraded drone hardware and software to do more work in less time.

  • January 10 2022Get to know Skydio's Maddy Johnson - Manufacturing Intern 2021

    I first learned of Skydio a little over a year ago through a Casey Neistat video. After watching that video, I watched some of Nicole Bonk’s flight school videos, and I was sold. I immediately reached out to a recruiter on LinkedIn and said I would do anything to work for Skydio. Getting the internship and moving out to Redwood City for the summer of 2021 was truly a dream come true for me.

  • January 04 2022Introducing KeyFrame - Making Skydio the best camera drone for dynamic aerial cinematography

    At Skydio, we believe that autonomy software will allow us to redefine the use of drones and to create a new class of smart connected devices that will make the world more productive, creative, and safe. Useful and reliable software skills built on top of the Skydio Autonomy Engine have been the goal since the beginning, and our goal of making the world more creative has never faded from our minds. Today, that dream becomes a reality with the next revolutionary step-change in aerial cinematography: Skydio KeyFrame.

  • January 04 2022U.S. Autonomous Drone Maker Skydio Announces New KeyFrame Capability for Breakthrough Autonomous Cinematography

    Skydio Keyframe is an AI skill that allows a user to design and capture smooth, complex camera moves with just a few taps. Skydio also announced the availability of Skydio 2+, a drone which builds on the industry-leading autonomy of the Skydio 2 drone with important hardware and software improvements. Effective today, Skydio is also offering a new, enhanced protection plan available to all Skydio 2+ users, Skydio Care.

  • December 06 2021Using an AI-Powered Drone to Autonomously Capture Digital Twins of Tactical Environments

    View a 3D Scan of a tactical environment and learn how this autonomously captured digital twin can be useful to the planning, execution, and evaluation of a mission, especially in high-risk areas.

  • December 01 2021Inspection Appraisal With Skydio Autonomous Drones - Inspection ebook Vol 6

    Volume 6 of Skydio's Enterprise Inspection ebook is available now! Check it out to learn what sets the best roof inspection drones apart from the pack.

  • November 17 2021Featured Flyer Spotlight: Brandon Rosario

    My name is Brandon, I'm 42yrs old living in Westport, CT. I'm a former Chef turned Circus Artist.  I love technology, my eyes are always open for things I don’t need! The thing I'm most proud about was turning my hobby into a career! It's been the most exciting thing getting paid to travel and perform!

  • November 11 2021Empowering Veterans Through Autonomous Flight

    This year, in partnership with Wounded Eagle UAS and Semper Fi & America’s Fund, we're proud to honor our veteran community and announce the recipients of the first Skydio Vehicle Scholarship for disabled and injured veterans.

  • November 09 2021Honoring Those Who Have Served

    Being able to support our troops who are forward deployed is one of the main things that attracted Marine Veteran Justin Jordan to Skydio. We are a small US company that is making a big difference in the execution of missions and outcomes in future engagements.