View of Skydio drone in flight above construction site
portrait view of Skydio drone in flight above construction site

Construction: Drones for Site Monitoring

Keep your project
on schedule and budget

by capturing data early and often through every phase of construction

Reduce inspection times and minimize costly rework

Capture high-quality inspection data as often as you need to ensure your as-built assessment matches your blueprints through every phase of construction. Use Skydio drones to streamline communication and improve your Building Information Management (BIM) process. You’ll be able to monitor progress closely and spot issues early to mitigate risk and keep projects on time and on budget.

Skydio drones are easy to fly and hard to crash. Anyone can fly one like a pro with just a few hours of training. Our AI-driven autonomous technology enables them to navigate the toughest, tightest environments with ease.

Reduce construction rework by 80%
Reduce construction rework by 80%

“Sundt is using Skydio’s 3D Scan to create incredibly detailed and highly accurate models. We use them to replace traditional means of 3D modeling, which are user-intensive and have high failure rates.”

Dean Miller
Virtual Construction Engineer and UAV SME, Sundt

No other construction inspection 
solution performs like Skydio

Capture high-quality data safely and efficiently

Skydio drones capture better quality data and keep your employees out of harm's way, because our drones are designed to go where other drones don’t dare. Our six-camera visual navigation system doesn't rely on a GPS signal or get jammed by electromagnetic interference. Our autonomous drones can fly almost anywhere, get closer and capture high quality imagery without the fear of crashing.

Safely inspect your site with drones that are easy for anyone to fly

It can take weeks and 100s of hours of flight time to learn how to fly a traditional drone. Not Skydio. Our autonomous technology enables operators with minimal experience to fly like pros in just a few hours. AI-powered obstacle avoidance enables them to get close to structural components, flying easily through doorways and windows without crashing, to capture every shot you need. That makes it easy to scale your construction drone program.

Construction drone pilot flying skydio

See on-site from off-site

Monitor construction progress, safety and securely from remote locations. Conduct missions remotely using Skydio Dock with Remote Ops. Plan and schedule your mission remotely to capture photos, videos and panoramas autonomously, as often as you need it. Plus, you can also fly ad-hoc inspections with no pre-planning — operating the drone from your web browser — anytime you like.

drone launching remotely at empty construction site after hours

Three more reasons construction leaders love Skydio

autonomous data capture icon

Autonomous Data Capture

Capture high-quality datasets autonomously to generate high-fidelity 2D and 3D models from every angle for better BIM.

Skydio trusted source shield icon with stars and stripes

Trusted Source

Invest in a platform that is designed, assembled, and supported in the USA.

Skydio regulatory guidance icon

Regulatory Guidance

Engage our team of experts to help you through the Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) waiver process.

Let us show you how to dramatically reduce rework


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