Asset Inspection

Capture every detail.

Inspect assets safely, quickly, and from any angle with a Skydio aerial inspection program.

From bridges, to refineries, to construction sites, a Skydio aerial inspection program modernizes any inspection and maintenance plan with automation powered efficiencies, best-in-class sensors, and lower risk for workers.

How Skydio makes inspections more efficient, precise, and safe.

Asset inspection work flow infographic with the workflow: initiate > plan > capture > synthesize > deliver

Unlock efficiency powered by automation.

Inspect more assets with greater accuracy, in less time with your existing workforce. AI-enabled Skydio drones are easy for anyone to fly and unlock cost-efficiencies and scaling advantages at every step.

See every detail.
Before it’s too late.

With best-in-class sensors, thermal imaging, and the ability to access hard to reach vantage points, you’ll get a complete picture of your assets down to the millimeter, to stop incidents before they start.

thermal image of power infrastructure

Keep your team and your assets safe.

remotely inspecting substation power assets using skydio drone

Traditional inspections put workers in harm’s way and require climbing, scaffolds, and lifts. Skydio drones can even work remotely, keeping your people at a safe distance.

worker on site using skydio controller to inspect bridge in background.

Scan assets autonomously for detailed, interactive 3D models using your preferred photogrammetry software.

Versatile inspection solutions anytime, anywhere.

Let’s take the first step together.

1 Always fly X10 in compliance with applicable laws and according to the Skydio Safety and Usage Guidelines

2 Remote piloting and continuous live-stream are dependent on cellar network connectivity. BVLOS permit required for remote flight.

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