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Skydio X10

The best sensors for a drone this small, piloted by the most advanced AI in the sky. To get the data you need, wherever and whenever you need it.


Max flight speed.


Max flight time.


Deployment time.


Certified against dust and water.

skydio x10
skydio x10

Visionary cameras to get the job done.

Packing more megapixels and better optics than any drone its size, Skydio X10 boasts high resolution visual and radiometric cameras in modular sensor packages. So you can capture the right details for your job.

skydio z1 lens

Skydio X10 is the first drone ever to integrate a FLIR Boson+ sensor, delivering the highest quality thermal imaging. Capable of resolutions of 640 x 512 px and offering increased sensitivity down to <=30 mK, the X10 delivers more accurate radiometric readings, anytime, any place.

Bring the sharpest details
to every decision.

Off-the-shelf components couldn’t deliver the image quality our customers deserve. So, we engineered our own lenses. Achieve unrivaled resolution and superior focus with lenses you won’t find anywhere else.

skydio z1 lens
skydio z1 lens

Pixel perfect images. Improve white balance, de-noise photos, extend HDR capabilities and more with sensors backed by the powerful Spectra 480 image signal processor.


Highest quality zoom. Maintain superior image quality even in zoomed-in shots through a compact transition zoom system.

city scape

Faster exposure times. Get outstanding images in lowlight, with custom wide aperture f/1.8 and f/2.2 lenses that allow 1.7-3.5x more light than competitors.

low light drone use

Onboard AI.
Off-the-charts capability.

Fly without limits or learning curves. With a drone that recognizes its surroundings, captures data automatically, and gets smarter over time.

Backed by an onboard NVIDIA Jetson Orin GPU, the X10 harnesses unrivaled computing power to make the right decisions in real-time. Six custom-designed navigation lenses provide 360-degree visibility, eliminating blind spots so you can fly fearlessly in any environment.


more computing
power than the
previous generation


more effective
navigation pixels than the
previous generation

GPU Nvida image

Orin GPU

Fly with ease.

Navigate the most complex missions confidently, even in GPS-denied or high EMI environments. With superior AI flight assistance and obstacle avoidance, you no longer need to hire a specialist to get the job done, whether you’re in the field with your drone, or piloting from a hundred miles away.

Automate complex

Complete targeted inspections automatically, with a Spatial AI Engine that senses and understands what you’re scanning. Efficiently build 2D maps and 3D models onboard, in real time. Or export data to Pix4D, Bentley iTwin Capture, gNext, DroneDeploy, or ESRI SiteScan.

Get smarter over time.

Skydio X10 is loaded with the computing capacity for its AI data capture and synthesis capabilities to grow over time.

Explore Skydio Autonomy

And do it all in the dark.

drone used in the dark
drone used in the dark

Autonomous flight at night?
You’re not dreaming.

Another industry first: Autonomy in the dark.

Confidently operate 24/7 in NightSense mode for zero-light navigation — only available with the groundbreaking Skydio X10.

See in the dark. Skydio X10 uses visible or infrared illumination to avoid obstacles, understand its environment, and make the right decisions, every time.

IR Nav Cam and Illuminator.
Using IR illumination, the X10 averts visibility at night.

Visible Light Nav Cam and Illuminator.
Using visible illumination, the X10 provides bright 360 degree light.

visible/IR light module

Visible/IR light Module
Conduct autonomous flight in the dark with visible or infrared light.

person talking

Watch the video.
Learn more about the innovations behind NightSense.

Ultimate control becomes second nature.

An operator experience forged by thousands of flying hours.

Plan, execute, and review every type of mission on the
redesigned Skydio Flight Deck app.

controller ui of skydio x10 drone

A pro-grade interface built from the ground up. Spend less time navigating menus to ensure faster operation during critical missions.

Precision at your fingertips.

Upgraded connectivity, customization options, and a rugged design lets you respond to any situation with total control.

skydio x10 controller
skydio x10 controller

Customizable controls.
Get one-touch access to frequently used features.

Improved daytime visibility.
With 60% increase in screen brightness.

Ruggedized hardware.
IP54 weatherproofing protects from harsh conditions.

Robust connectivity.
Supports Skydio Connect for low-latency control from anywhere.

An open modular platform.

With modular sensor packages and four attachment areas, the Skydio X10 swiftly adapts to changing mission requirements. Mount a parachute, microphone, spotlight and more, for a max payload of 12 oz. 2

skydio z1 with lines to attachment area
skydio z1 with dots around showing attachment areas

Top attachment

Left attachment

Bottom attachment

Right attachment

4 attachment areas:
top, bottom, left and right.

Ready for anything, anytime, anywhere.

Designed from the ground up to bring the performance of a heavy drone to a backpack portable device. Weighing under 4.7 pounds with a 13.8 inch length, the Skydio X10 folds into the most compact size of any drone with similar sensors, truly enabling one-person operation.

skydio 10X drone folded small and compact
Skydio x10 drone folded small and compact
skydio z1 blades

Quiet propulsion. The efficient motors and folding 3-blade design of the Skydio X10 delivers a quiet flight profile while allowing for top speeds of up to 45 mph in stable air.

skydio z1 underside of drone

Lightweight materials. A lightweight and durable magnesium and carbon fiber frame, coupled with an innovative graphite heat-spreading system, ensures the Skydio X10 can withstand harsh environments to deliver vital aerial intelligence, anytime.

Withstand wind, rain, dust.
And the unexpected.

Always in its element.

water icon

Water and dust.

Ingress protection: IP55 certified against dust, water and the unexpected.

wind icon


Max gust handling: 28.6 mph / 43 kmh

snowflake icon

Cold and heat.

Operational temperatures: -4° to 113°F / -20° to 45°C

altitude icon


Service ceiling: 15,000 ft / 4.57 km

person in server room

Safeguard your data
with end-to-end security.

skydio z1 drone folded up

Deep dive into specs.

Secure by design.

lock icon

AES 256 wi-fi encryption.

Communicates using secure AES-encrypted wireless links.

check with shield icon

NDAA Compliant.

Meets military-grade security compliance.

stamp icon

ISO and SOC2 Type II Certification.

Receives best-in-class security compliance certifications from industry-standard evaluators.

usa icon

Designed, assembled, and supported in the U.S.

Prioritizes security from the start through trusted manufacturing partners, secure development practices, and more.

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1 Always fly X10 in compliance with applicable laws and according to the Skydio Safety and Usage Guidelines

2 Attachments projected availability early 2024.

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