Finally delivering on the promise of fully autonomous flight, R1 opens up a world of new drone use cases.

R1 can fly itself, avoiding obstacles as it navigates complex environments

Before R1, other drone manufacturers have tried to introduce autonomous flying features, but the end results have yet to live up to claims or user expectations.

Rather than enabling seamless, hands-free operation, these drones usually stop themselves in place around obstacles and still expect a skilled pilot to be at the ready — the equivalent of automatic emergency braking in a car.

R1 is the first product that will actually navigate itself through complex environments, all while avoiding obstacles and keeping you in frame. This is made possible with the Skydio Autonomy Engine, which brings together state-of-the-art robotics and computer vision techniques to determine the best way to move through the environment while capturing stunning footage.

360-degree obstacle perception and avoidance

The only way to get to trustworthy autonomy is with sensing in every direction. The information fed into the Skydio Autonomy Engine by R1’s 13 cameras is used to understand and interpret the world — enabling advanced obstacle avoidance regardless of which way R1 is flying.

Person-specific visual tracking

R1 is the first device of its kind capable of telling the difference between a person and other objects using deep learning. This allows the R1 to better track people based on what they look like and how they move.

Differentiating the subject from other people as well as non-human objects means R1 is better than any personal drone at keeping you in frame and at the center of the story.

Hand launch at a moment’s notice

Many drones available today require some planning and setup before use — typically in the form of clearing an open, flat space for take-off.

R1 fits in many backpacks and can take off directly from a user’s hands. That means athletes, adventurers, and creators can immediately start shooting amazing footage when inspiration strikes.

New cinematography skills with regular software updates

Skydio is constantly working to give R1 new cinematography skills with its regular software updates, delivered to your vehicle via the Skydio mobile app.

This means that in addition to improvements to subject tracking and obstacle avoidance capabilities, R1 will periodically gain the ability to capture your adventures from new perspectives. And like the Cinematic Modes included at launch, these new dynamic shots will be accessible with a single tap.