From Euclid to Einstein, some of the greatest human minds have tinkered with mathematical formulas that describe the physics of our world. Using pen and paper, they derived and manipulated expressions to gain insight into the universe.

The computers of the last hundred years were a major leap forward. At the most basic level, a computer automates doing math. With computers, math evolved from an abstract tool for understanding into an instruction language for an information machine to yield insights far beyond what could be derived with pen and paper.

We are on the cusp of another major transition as computers gain the ability to sense and act in the physical world. Millennia of progress in mathematical description of the physical world is now immediately useful as the recipe for intelligent machines to understand the world around them and turn that understanding into useful action in real time. We may barely notice it today, but we are entering a new age where computers aren’t just static objects that we tap on to exchange information. Computers will become mobile agents that we interact with in our world.

The miracle of software is the short line between imagining a concept and having it fully realized. We believe building intelligent machines that bring the creative capacity of software to life in the physical world is the opportunity of a generation. While some envision these machines replacing human labor, we believe in a future where they multiply human creativity and human possibility.

As a company, our goal is to constantly expand the frontier of what’s possible in this new world. This means building beyond what’s possible today and relentlessly exploring new opportunities to do useful things for people in ways they’ve never imagined.

Our first product is exactly this: a self-flying camera that enables a new experience in the moment by being a dynamic companion for your adventure, and then rewards you afterwards with incredible visual memories that would otherwise go unrealized. We’re starting with drones because of the inherent freedom they allow – unconstrained motion in three dimensions – and the natural link the cameras they carry provide between the physical and digital worlds.

When people think of drones today, they think of unreliable gadgets that crash all the time. We’re building a future where they are sleek, intelligent flying assistants.