After four years of development, we’re excited to announce the launch of Skydio R1 and the limited run of R1 Frontier Edition units with signature elements for our first customers.

Skydio customers who order R1 Frontier Edition can look forward to the following differences from standard R1 units:

  • Distinctive Design — R1 Frontier Edition is easy to identify with its distinctive blue lens ring and custom laser engraved badge, signifying you’ve bought one of the first fully autonomous flying cameras.
  • Refuel on the Fly — Paired with a second battery, R1 Frontier Edition lets you capture even more of your adventures with cinematography previously only available to professional film crews.
  • Built at our Headquarters — Every R1 Frontier Edition comes hand built from the Skydio headquarters in Redwood City, California to ensure each one operates at peak performance.

Beyond those distinctions, R1 Frontier Edition owners can expect all of the groundbreaking features of the standard R1:

Full Autonomy.

  • The Skydio Autonomy Engine sees the world through R1’s 13 cameras, giving it the ability to map and understand the world in real-time, allowing it to be fully autonomous and independently capture footage that once required a Hollywood film crew.
  • Powered by NVIDIA Jetson, a powerful AI supercomputer, R1 is able to make intelligent decisions, plan real-time movements, and navigate complex environments.

Smartphone Simplicity.

  • Launching R1 is as easy as swiping up with one finger in the Skydio app. Capturing dynamic shots takes a single tap on one of the available cinematic modes like Follow, Orbit, or Side.
  • After you land, make HD-video clips of your flight with the Skydio app, perfect for instantly sharing your story.

Designed in California.

  • R1 is built with cutting-edge aerospace materials — including lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber — in a slim design that fits in your backpack.

Skydio R1 Frontier Edition available now at