How we got here.

Skydio comes from the lifelong passions of our co-founders who grew up steeped in aviation, robotics, and storytelling. They met as grad students at MIT, where they helped pioneer autonomous flight using onboard sensors.


The inspiration for starting Skydio came from the enormous gap between the imagined promise of drones and what existing manually-flown products are capable of. From early on it was clear that getting to a compelling fully autonomous product would mean building hardware and software from the ground up - ambitious and challenging, but also a lot of fun.

Skydio’s team now includes world experts spanning AI, robotics, and consumer hardware products from places like Google, Apple, Tesla, and Oculus.

We’re backed by some preeminent investors:
a16z, Accel, IVP, Playground, NVIDIA, Kevin Durant, Naval Ravikant, Elad Gil, Padma Warrior, Justin Timberlake, Magic Johnson

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