inspector using skydio 3D scan interface on tablet
3D scan interface on tablet


The skills of an expert pilot built in

Scale your program with drones anyone can fly

Everyone generally agrees - drones offer the promise of transformative impact by putting sensors in places too difficult, costly, and dangerous to reach.

But, mass adoption hasn’t happened. Why?

Traditional drones require expert pilots to manually fly – and it’s simply not possible to have pilots at the ready everywhere you might need them all the time.

The biggest barrier to achieving success with drones is lack of accessibility.

skydio 2+ in server room
skydio 2+ flying in server room

Skydio breaks the accessibility barrier

Our solutions are designed specifically to operate without the need for expert pilots. That changes the paradigm. You can now fly a drone anywhere and every time you imagine.

Automate workflows and scale operations across your organization. The possibilities are limitless.

AI-driven autonomy makes it easy to scale your drone program

Easy to fly. Hard to crash.

At the heart of each solution is an exceptional drone with a 360° view camera system paired with advanced AI-driven obstacle avoidance software. Skydio drones can fly based on vision, not GPS, so you aren’t restricted to satellite range. And, anyone can fly one with just a few hours of training.

Skydio X2 under bridge

Automate data capture for 3D models

Accurate 3D models help you quickly detect changes in your infrastructure over time. But, data collection is challenging. With the 3D Scan Package, Skydio can automatically fly your structure to map it, then capture overlapping images with metadata to ensure you have the full data set needed to enable high-quality photogrammetry modeling.

skydio 3D scan

Fly overwatch to keep convoys safe

Defense teams can take advantage of full autonomy to protect the moving convoy. Using Skydio Scout, set your drone to self-fly in front of, or behind you, to identify potential threats while passengers scan the feed

skydio scout overwatch

Fly with no pilot on site

Take advantage of Dock, our base station for remote, automatic drone operation to advance your program even further. Now you can fly planned missions with a simple scheduler. Or pull up a browser and launch a docked drone from anywhere. The innovations and the possibilities available to you keep coming.

no pilot needed skydio dock
skydio autonomy
skydio autonomy

Nothing flies like a Skydio.
Here’s why:

Autonomy is foundational technology at Skydio, not an add-on feature. Through years of R&D we’ve developed our software and hardware in tandem, to work together seamlessly — and currently hold more than 90 patents, including more than 25 specifically for innovations in autonomy.

see understand act icon

Sees, understands, and acts

Traditional drones decipher their own position with limited GPS and compass readings, so they are flying blind relative to Skydio drones that see, understand, and act in their surroundings.

camera computer vision system icon

6-camera computer vision system

Our 6-camera computer vision system continuously maps the Skydio drone’s surroundings. Deep learning algorithms interpret what the cameras see, and compute the flow between images.

ai algorithms icon

Predictive AI algorithms

Using those geometric vectors, advanced AI predicts what’s ahead. That enables the drone to make intelligent decisions about how to navigate around obstacles while flying in close proximity to the assets or persons of interest.

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