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As part of our strategic partnership with Axon, our seamless integration with Axon Evidence represents our first milestone towards an end-to-end solution.

Automated workflow
Media upload over Wi-Fi
Skydio 2 and X2 compatible
Eliminate SD card management
Increase data security
Ensure chain of custody

Smart. Integrated. Trustworthy.

The upcoming integration of Axon and Skydio market-leading solutions unlock the full potential of autonomous drones for live aerial intelligence and evidence management.

Live Situational Awareness

Increase situational awareness in a wider range of missions by removing cognitive and environmental obstacles using Skydio’s breakthrough autonomy.

The future solution will allow you to manage and livestream your Skydio fleet via Axon Air.

Automate Evidence Collection

Streamline evidence collection and incident scene documentation by automatically uploading via WiFi your photos and videos captured by Skydio drones to Axon Evidence.

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Impossible Missions Now Possible

Face any mission head-on. Skydio’s vision-based system allows you to fly indoors and under structures where GPS and magnetometers fail.

Deploy A Trusted Solution

By combining Axon solutions with DoD approved Skydio drones, law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve can rest assured that their sUAS solution meets the highest levels of supply chain and cybersecurity.

Skydio Original Series

Autonomous Drones for First Responders

This series tells the story of first responders facing four different emergency response missions.

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The key benefits of combining Skydio drones with Axon’s network of connected devices

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