Series A

By Adam Bry on Jan 5, 2016

We started Skydio to make the power of flight a trusted and useful part of people’s everyday lives. [...]

Frank Dellaert - Chief Scientist

By Adam Bry on Mar 20, 2015

I’m excited to announce that Frank Dellaert has joined Skydio as our Chief Scientist. [...]

FAA Regulations and Line of Sight

By Adam Bry on Mar 1, 2015

Recently the FAA announced proposed regulations for the use of drones in commercial settings. [...]

Research Leverage

By Adam Bry on Feb 10, 2015

As research fields mature, the most interesting work often transitions from happening in labs to happening in companies whose primary business is based on the technology. [...]


By Adam Bry on Jan 15, 2015

We’re excited to announce the launch of Skydio and the closing of our $3 million seed funding led by Andreessen Horowitz with Accel Partners participating. [...]