July 22, 2021

Construction Management With Skydio Autonomous Drones - Inspection eBook Vol 2

Guillaume Delepine

Guillaume Delepine

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Skydio drones are all about working smarter, not harder, through AI-powered autonomous flight. With the announcement of Skydio 3D Scan, we introduced a new way to think about enterprise drone flights. Now, instead of having to fly manual drones far away from the objects that need to be documented or inspected, Skydio drones use AI to adapt their flight pattern to any scene, and any given resolution requirement. With such a new way to fly the drone, comes an entirely new way to choose which drone to fly. Our Enterprise Drone Inspection EBook, which we are releasing over the course of nine volumes over the coming months, is designed to help program managers navigate this expansive new set of options.

Today, we are releasing Volume 2 of our first-ever eBook, Enterprise Drone Inspection: Picking the Right Platform. This volume is titled: “High-precision Construction Management: How to get decision-quality data from your drone program.” In this volume, we dive deep into as-built inspections for construction through 3D model and photo comparisons performed with the support of Skydio’s Image Quality team, led by former GoPro Image Quality Test Engineer, Russell Bondi.

Construction sites are a massive collaboration between various contractors and subcontractors working together to build against an agreed-upon blueprint. With so many moving parts, errors are inevitable and can be expensive, especially if they require the removal and re-pouring of concrete. Performing frequent, minimally-intrusive as-built assessments by drone can help sites detect minor errors before they become costly errors, and keep their jobs on track.

In particular, 3D models can help with Building Information Management (BIM) coordination, where general contractors need to work with subcontractors to coordinate electrical wires, plumbing, heating ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems, and more. Overlaying these 3D models to determine where conflicts will occur ahead of time can forestall many expensive errors. Identifying a construction error within the building phase, can save substantial amounts of money and pay off the cost for a Skydio system. These assessments can also serve as progress reports to keep the customer apprised of the job progress and for billing purposes.

To unlock these next-generation operations, drone program managers need to know they will be able to generate the data they need to make and communicate decisions. We sincerely hope that these materials will make your upcoming drone decisions easier as you build and scale your fleets. Choose confidently and safe flying!

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