Wide view of a Skydio drone on the front lines of a fire
Narrow view of a Skydio drone flying on the front lines of a fire

Public Safety: Fire Fighting Drones

Keep fires at bay and lives safe

with airborne intelligence

Gain situational awareness over fast moving blazes

Gather aerial intelligence, coordinate emergency response, and keep your crews safer. Enhance your sight through blinding smoke using Skydio thermal drones for both wild land and urban fires.

In forests, locate burn spots to build the best possible containment plan and prevent your teams from getting surrounded. In buildings, quickly check for people, locate exits, and verify hotspots before venting. Skydio makes it easy, navigating easily around trees, power lines, and in tight spaces, giving you unparalleled visibility over emergent hazards.

Deploy in under 40 seconds
Deploy in under 40 seconds

"Every time I launch this drone, I know I’m providing better safety, better awareness and information to our decision makers so they can provide the best possible customer service delivery to the citizens of Phoenix.”

Division Chief Daniel Cheathan
Phoenix Fire Department

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firefighters choose Skydio

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No other fire safety solution performs like Skydio

See the full scene, instantly

Get eyes in the air in under forty seconds to track and contain any blaze. Take advantage of thermal imaging to see beyond the smoke and know exactly where fire is burning. Monitor points of egress to ensure your firefighters always have a way out.

Flight-enable any responder, with just a few hours of training

Traditional drones take weeks to learn and 100s of hours of flying time to get proficient. Not Skydio! Our AI-driven autonomous technology enables responders with minimal experience to fly in complex environments while on-board software deftly avoids obstacles. Launch and grow your drone program quickly and easily.

Firefighter drone pilot flying a Skydio drone to inspect the fire scene

Coordinate response through a common operating picture

Share real-time video to coordinate a response between field team, dispatch, and hazmat. Stream securely via Skydio Cloud, Axon Air, and other services to give everyone a common operating view and make better, faster decisions.

Dispatch to response team coordination with Skydio live streaming the scene

Three more reasons why public safety leaders love Skydio

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Thermal Equipped

Identify hotspots through blinding smoke with Skydio’s thermal cameras.

Skydio trusted source shield icon with stars and stripes

Trusted Source

Invest in a platform that is designed, assembled, and supported in the USA.

Skydio regulatory guidance icon

Regulatory Guidance

Engage our team of experts to help you through the Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) waiver process.

Let us show you why first responders trust Skydio for their critical work


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