From flight initiation to insight, quickly transform captured data into action.

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Skydio Extend easily integrates aerial data capture into existing workflows, both to initiate flights and direct media to the applications used to share, analyze, or store data. We can help you build your integration today.

Get a true end-to-end solution from data capture, to processing, to impact.

A suite of workflows, integrations, dev tools, and services; Skydio Extend connects data captured by drones to your key systems and stakeholders, integrate into your business no matter what your unique needs might be.

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Make better
decisions, faster with
data-driven workflows.

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Scale your drone operations efficiently by automating manual tasks.

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Streamline collaboration with internal and external partners via integrations.

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Skydio Extend automated workflow logic illustration
Skydio Extend automated workflow logic illustration

Say goodbye time-consuming tasks, and hello to automation.

With a catalog of 30+ app integrations and growing, Skydio Extend lets you integrate with cloud storage, fleet management, photogrammetry, and more. Utilize custom logic for full control over any workflow.

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Don’t get held back by limited IT resources.

Whether you’re building a whole new integration or customizing an existing one, the Skydio Professional Services team will review your requirements, scope your specific needs, deliver the finished project, and support you as it's implemented.

Transform your drone program into an insight-generating powerhouse.

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Streamline workflows.

Skydio Extend minimizes time-consuming manual work by automating data flows across your systems.

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Route information securely.

Permission-based data sharing across teams and functions enables access to the information they need most. Learn more.

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Act on your data faster.

Achieve faster time to insight on the data you collect to take action when it matters most.

Launch an aerial and data capture program fully integrated into your workflow.

A typical aerial data capture workflow from work order to mission planning, to capturing, syncing, aggregating, and analyzing the data
A typical aerial data capture workflow from work order to mission planning, to capturing, syncing, aggregating, and analyzing the data

Choose the integration
options that are right for you.

Use Skydio-built workflows.

These workflows include a growing list of integrations to key applications that fast track data flow from Skydio Cloud and key applications systems for analytics, cloud storage, photogrammetry, and more. They can also trigger flights based on business alerts or events. Explore our catalog here.

Use partner-built

Hand-selected partners have built integrations into their applications for Skydio Extend to help with fleet management, photogrammetry, video streaming, real-time operations, construction, data transfers, triggers, flight telemetry, and more. View our catalog.

Develop your own integrations.

If you need an even more customized integration, Skydio Extend lets you build your own. You’ll have access to our full suite of dev tools – including APIs, documentation, and a development sandbox experimentation. Learn more about our developer tools here.

Let our experts build a custom solution.

Our expert integrations specialists are ready to help your team build custom end-user integrations, set up partner-built integrations, or modify existing Skydio-build workflows, all without having to engage with multiple outside vendors or IT teams.

With Skydio Extend you can integrate into any type of system you work in.

Integrate, automate, and simplify your data sharing with Skydio Extend today.

Take advantage of the largest catalog of pre-built workflows and integrations in the drone industry to make your data actionable from the moment it’s collected. Skydio Extend partners include...

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