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Skydio Regulatory Services

Advance your drone program Beyond Visual Line Of Sight

Unlock the full potential of autonomy-enabled operations

Establishing a well-documented drone program and applying for waivers or exemptions to conduct advanced operations are complex processes. Skydio Regulatory Services significantly simplifies the process and helps organizations unlock the full potential of their drone operations from the ground up.

Skydio regulatory services simplify the process

Skydio Regulatory Services simplify the waiver approval process and helps your organization unlock the full potential of autonomy-enabled operations.

We leverage our expertise in autonomy and years of experience in aviation operations to enable our customers to establish thorough program documentation, so you're well-positioned to transition into advanced, BVLOS operations.

Regulatory Services our expert assistance

How regulatory services work

Program Documentation

Don’t leave the implementation and use of drones in your organization to chance. Leverage templates and guidance to grow safe, effective drone programs positioned for advanced operations and Skydio’s Waiver Application service.

Program Documentation eBook

Waiver Application

Advanced operations enable your organization to use Skydio’s technology more effectively. Applying for an FAA approval can be a daunting task, but Skydio’s Regulatory Team leverages decades of experience to simplify the process.

Waiver Application Service


Continuous inspection and complete visibility.

Skydio’s Regulatory Team makes it easy for your organization to secure the necessary FAA approvals so that you can safely deploy and operate drones BVLOS from Skydio Dock.

Skydio X2 Dock Launch
Skydio X2 Dock Launch
Decades of Regulatory Experience

Skydio’s Regulatory Team

Jenn Player

Sr. Director of Regulatory Affairs

  • Co-lead nation’s first BVLOS long linear infrastructure inspection drone program.
  • Industry Lead for FAA BVLOS ARC.
  • Lead the effort for the first blanket Class G waiver for commercial BVLOS operations.
  • FAA Certificated Pilot - SEL, G, RPIC.
Skydio Regulatory Service Team - Jenn Player

Jakee Stoltz

Sr. Regulatory Program Mgr

  • Former Director of Operations at Northern Plains UAS Test Site
  • Lead numerous advanced Part 107 waiver approvals, including BVLOS with no Visual Observers and one-to-many operations.
  • FAA Certificated Pilot - Commercial ASEL, Commercial AMEL, CFI, CFII, RPIC.
Skydio Regulatory Service Team - Jakee Stoltz

Daniel Jenkins

Regulatory Program Manager

  • Developed numerous waivers at Iris Automation and MITRE, including the first BVLOS waiver using only on-board DAA
  • Participant in development of ASTM standards including DAA performance standards
  • FAA Certificated Pilot - RPIC
Skydio Regulatory Service Team - Daniel Jenkins
Skydio Regulatory Services

A track record of success

Breaking Regulatory Barriers: Scaling Remote Operations

Dominion Energy BVLOS Waiver

NCDOT And Skydio Secure The First True BVLOS Waiver


BNSF and Skydio Secure Remote Operations Waiver

Remote Operations Vertiv

Chula Vista PD and Skydio Secure CPLA Waiver

BVLOS Public Safety Agencies
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