April 2, 2024

Brooklyn Youth Fly Day: Igniting Dreams and Innovations at Lamad Academy

Mira Marquez

Mira Marquez

 Charter school introducing drones into their curriculum
News 12 Brooklyn report: Charter school introducing drones into their curriculum

On Friday, March 22nd, the bustling grounds of the Lamad Academy in Brooklyn, NY, transformed into a buzzing hive of innovation and curiosity, hosting an event that brings together drone industry professionals and essential workers with students and educators. The Brooklyn Youth Fly Day was not just an event; it was a beacon of inspiration for 172 students across 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, sparking their imaginations with the endless possibilities that drones and different technologies can offer.

The day kicked off with uplifting remarks from John Henry, President of Grace3 Technologies, urging all students to seize the opportunities laid before them, to question, to learn, and most importantly, to dream. His message was clear: these students are the architects of tomorrow, the innovators who will craft what we can only dream of today.

Skydio for all event speaker

As the day unfolded, the students delved into a world of drones and robotics, guided through six stations, each offering a unique window into the practical and fascinating world of drone technology.

The New York Police Department showcased their cutting-edge drones and robots, providing insights into how these technologies assist in their work, ranging from situational awareness and Drone as a First Responder to photogrammetry applications with crime scene reconstruction. Students also had the opportunity to learn and ask questions about their robot dog, Digidog.

Skydio for all event
digidog skydio for all

The Fire Department of New York demonstrated the heroic uses of drones in firefighting and disaster response, including a showcase of their Boston Dynamics dog, highlighting the life-saving potential of technology.

Skydio for all event

Students got hands-on experience flying drones manually with Skydio 2+. It was a moment of pure joy as each student took the controls, learning to fly in a matter of moments. It’s vital that every student get the opportunity to fly. The realization for each student that they are capable of flying and controlling these machines is the foundation for them to believe they can pursue careers in the drone industry.

Skydio for all drone demo

Experts from New York Power Authority opened the students' eyes to how drones play a critical role in utility inspections, introducing them to potential career paths across the large sectors of utilities and critical infrastructure in addition to within New York Power Authority.

Drone demo skydio for all gym

Members of Skydio’s Hardware and Design departments dove into the intricate world of drone construction, from 3D printing and design to prototyping and microchips, unraveling the engineering marvels behind these complex, yet small flying robots. While drones can represent the latest in technological advancements, Skydio experts reminded students it all starts with an idea, a concept often drawn with pencil and paper before moving onto 3D software and printing.

Skydio hardware team

Skydio Autonomy engineers revealed the mysteries of how drones perceive the world, teaching students about obstacle avoidance and the AI-enabled learning capabilities of drones. Students had the opportunity to learn what a day in the life of an engineer was like in addition to the myriad of career opportunities within engineering.

Raised hands skydio for all

The day concluded with heartfelt closing remarks from Lamad Academy's Founder, Rev. Al Cockfield, and National Black Empowerment Council President, Darius Jones. Their words were a powerful reminder for the students to take pride in their achievements, to believe in themselves, and to envision a future where they are the creators of change.

Skydio for all speaker

In a move to ensure the continuity of drone education, Skydio donated two Skydio 2+ Enterprise Kits to the academy's STEM and Science program combined with the contribution from UAV Coach of five licenses for Part107 training, while the New York Power Authority added additional equipment, setting the stage for a future where these students can continue to explore and innovate.

Skydio for all event drone gift

Skydio's initiative, Skydio For All, exemplifies the critical role of industry leaders in bridging the gap between education and career pathways in emerging areas like drone technology. In a world where educators face the challenge of connecting STEM education with real-world applications, and where there's a growing mismatch between career aspirations and labor market demands, initiatives like these are not just beneficial but essential. They not only foster community engagement and workforce development but also ensure that the next generation is ready and equipped to take on the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

The Brooklyn Youth Fly Day at the Lamad Academy was more than an event; it was a promise to the future, a testament to the power of community, technology, and education coming together to inspire the next generation of innovators, dreamers, and leaders.

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