June 10, 2024

Elevate Your Inspections with AI-powered Safety, Security and Asset Maintenance Inspections

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Skydio X10 Levatas partnership

Welcome to the future of AI-enabled aerial inspection for utilities, construction, and critical infrastructure. Skydio, the pioneer in autonomous drone technology, has teamed with Levatas, the first industrial AI partner to enable the Boston Dynamics' Spot robots to accelerate the inspection process, improving results and lowering costs. This collaboration combines Skydio's aerial data collection capabilities with Levatas' end-to-end AI solutions to accelerate the data analysis process, giving users actionable insights.

Over the past year, the Levatas team has used the Skydio Extend integration platform to bring its powerful AI tools to the sky. Combining machine learning models and human-in-the-loop systems is reshaping how customers can monitor safety, security, and asset health from drone-based data capture.

Here’s a quick look at the AI tools now available to customers to unlock truly autonomous aerial inspections:

  • Thermal Anomaly Detection: Quickly identify potential failures or fire hazards through advanced heat signature analysis.
  • Industrial Gauge Reading: Automate the monitoring and recording of gauge readings, minimizing the need for manual checks.
  • Infrastructure Inspections: Keep your workers safe by assessing the condition of utilities and infrastructure from a distance.
  • Damage Detection: Detect cracks, corrosion, and spills early to prevent structural failures.

Beyond inspection

The same aerial data collection and AI solution can be used for tasks and use cases beyond traditional inspection, further increasing operational value and automating repetitive tasks. With docked drones onsite, remote pilots can run automated missions from a centralized location to:

  • Enhance site security: Run automated patrols that alert security teams with automated person detection in real time
  • Site monitoring: Precisely track and count people, vehicles, and inventory with Object Detection & Counting
  • Bolster worksite safety: Ensure operational areas are clear with AI debris detection and identification of foreign objects to maintain safety standards and proactively identify signs of smoke and fire to avert potential disasters.
 Skydio X10 Thermal annomoly detecton

Fly it and try it

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