October 01 2019

How to Make Money With Your Skydio 2


Paired with the optional Controller, Skydio 2 allows for a unique combination of creative control with trustworthy 360-degree, obstacle avoidance that empowers its user to confidently capture cinematic footage.

skydio s2 drone shot

For folks who already make a living on traditional (non-drone) photo or video projects, Skydio 2 is the drone that lets you increase your earning power by adding a drone that won’t require months of practice to become proficient. For experienced pilots, Skydio 2 will enable you to focus more on the creative aspects of your work, getting you into the air faster and removing the constant worry of crashing into stuff. You’ll find yourself getting shots you would never attempt with a conventional drone.

Here are a few ways that Skydio 2 can boost your income:


Drones capture footage that traditional wedding camera setups couldn’t provide — dramatic zoom-out dronies that portray the venue from the sky, as well as shots that can move from crowd to crowd at a reception.

If you currently work weddings, Skydio 2’s 10-bit, 4K HDR camera, one-tap follow capabilities, and Cable Cam cinematic skill will give you another tool in your belt to deliver unique footage that people will look back on fondly for decades to come.

Real estate

Those same capabilities make Skydio 2 the most accessible drone for real estate agents and the photographers they work with to make their listings stand out.

Shots that previously would have been too expensive to capture for all but the most lucrative of properties can now be done in minutes with a few taps. And with the latest trend in real estate videography — showing “slice of life” moments of how people might spend their time at their new home or in their new community — Skydio 2’s ability to automatically track and film people make it simple to capture footage of people in pools, jogging, or spending time at a backyard barbecue.

Sign up for a pilot network

Pilot networks like DroneBase, the Drone Pilot Network, and Uplift Data Partners allow anyone with a Part 107 certification and an appropriate drone to match with local flight gigs, like Uber or TaskRabbit for mapping and inspection tasks.

Skydio’s partnership with DroneDeploy means that Skydio 2 can now be used for many of the tasks performed by pilots on these networks. DroneDeploy’s industry leading software vastly simplifies the process of planning a mapping flight, capturing necessary images, and uploading them for processing, annotation, and sharing.

Together, they allow anyone to gather images of construction sites, infrastructure, or large commercial properties with a few taps — with the added benefit of improved imagery and operator efficiency because the Skydio Autonomy Engine allows Skydio 2 to fly itself close to surfaces without crashing into nearby obstacles.

Part 107

With Skydio 2 in hand and a few flights under your belt, you’re almost ready to fly professionally. You’ll next need to read up on Part 107 regulations, including what’s permissible with a Remote Pilot Certificate and under what circumstances you’ll need to pursue additional waivers. Knowledge Test completed and Remote Pilot Certified, the last step before you can start charging for your services is registering your Skydio 2 with the FAA, which costs 5 dollars and won’t need to be done again for 3 years.