November 8, 2022

Introducing Skydio Regulatory Services: Advance Your Drone Program Beyond Visual Line of Sight

jenn player

Jenn Player

Skydio Regulatory Services for drone program documentation and waiver applications

From improving worker safety to streamlining inspection processes, Skydio’s autonomous flight systems prove their value across a multitude of industries and applications every day, consistently enabling faster decisions, from better data, for public safety agencies, asset managers, and inspection teams.

The emergence of trustworthy autonomy enables new modes of operation, such as close proximity, low-altitude flights, and remote operation of dock-based drones. These advanced Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations provide additional benefits in efficiency and productivity, allowing you to realize the full value and utility of your drone program.

However, current drone regulations are limiting and to conduct these advanced operations, operators must apply for waivers and exemptions. Regulatory approval requires organizations to document their program policies and flight operations thoroughly, showing how risk is mitigated to ensure the safety of other aircraft and people. Skydio’s world-class regulatory team has unparalleled experience helping programs build a strong foundation of aviation professionalism to win regulatory approvals, and we’re ready to support your organization.

Introducing Skydio Regulatory Services

With Skydio Regulatory Services, we partner with your organization to streamline drone program documentation, demystify the waiver approval process, and help you unlock the full potential of autonomy-enabled operations from the ground up. Skydio’s unique position, coupling trustworthy autonomous drones with an experienced regulatory team, can help take your drone program to the next level. Whether you are just establishing your drone program or leveling up to BVLOS and advanced operations, we leverage our expertise to simplify and accelerate the process.

Program Documentation Service

A drone program should be deliberately implemented to define how Skydio drones are used in your organization. Applying the right policies ensures your employees use Skydio drones in a safe, responsible, useful, and professional manner. Additionally, they help your organization recognize and leverage the benefits that drones offer, so your program is well-positioned to both transition to advanced operations and scale to maximize value.

The deliverables in each of the Program Documentation packages have been developed by experts in the aviation industry who have helped many organizations start and grow successful drone programs. The policy document templates and associated guidebooks help structure your drone program and give you the knowledge to customize it to your unique situation. Alternatively, you can leverage Skydio to take the lead in building your organization’s program documentation.

Skydio Regulatory Services for Drone Program Documentation

Waiver Application Service

Skydio’s Waiver Application service helps your organization unlock advanced operations that can yield increased efficiency and even higher levels of productivity. The regulatory approval process can be daunting. A successful application hinges on thorough program documentation, a description of the operation, a well-constructed safety case, and supporting technical information. Our experienced team of aviation regulatory experts, with a proven track record of success, understand the approval process and will help you to develop your concept of operations to manage risks, providing guidance throughout each phase to simplify the complexity of writing a waiver application.

Skydio Regulatory Services for Waiver Applications

A Track Record of Enabling Customer Success

Our team of aviation regulatory experts have unparalleled experience helping UAS programs establish policy, training, and safety documentation to help win regulatory approvals. With over 20 combined years of experience, and success enabling institutions such as BNSF Railway, Dominion Energy, North Carolina Department of Transportation, and the Chula Vista PD, we’re prepared to support your organization.

Our team can provide additional detail and help your organization determine which package is the right fit. We recommend contacting us to learn more about each package and how Skydio can support your program.

Ask your existing Skydio representative, or fill out the contact form, to get in contact with the Skydio regulatory team and begin the pursuit of advanced operations.

About the Author

Jenn Player is Sr. Director of Regulatory Affairs at Skydio. Jenn collaborates with customers, regulators, and standards development organizations to unlock safe and effective autonomous operation of dock-based drones.

Jenn’s early work to integrate drones into the National Airspace System led to the first ‘true’ long-range BVLOS civil flight in the continental U.S. A contributor to standards development organizations and the FAA Drone Advisory Committee, she has led subcommittees on detect and avoid technology and situation awareness technology solutions for low-altitude aviators. Jenn also served as the industry co-lead for the working group on aircraft and systems in the FAA UAS BVLOS Aviation Rulemaking Committee.

Prior to joining Skydio, Jenn founded Avineer LLC, a consulting firm helping UAS manufacturers navigate the type certification process and enterprises gain approvals for BVLOS, teleoperation, and other complex operations. She has over 10 years of experience in unmanned systems research, design, testing, and operations.

Jenn received a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University. She holds an FAA Remote Pilot certificate and a Private Pilot certificate with ratings in single-engine airplanes and gliders.

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