October 4, 2022

Skydio Launches SAFE Program with Inaugural Agencies Including Pasco Sheriff’s Office

Cole Martin Marketing Skydio

Cole Martin

Skydio SAFE drone program

Building and operating a drone program is difficult, but Skydio has your back with SAFE. Hardware breaks, technology evolves, budgets are cut, program managers get promoted away, wear and tear is unavoidable, etc. In order to maximize a drone program's impact, operators need to be able to focus on delivering value in the field, not worrying about ongoing administrative issues.

That’s why Skydio is excited to announce the general availability of our SAFE (Skydio Assured Future Equipment) program, which supports organizations building fleets around Skydio for the long-haul. Just like our drones’ autonomy software eases burdens for pilots, SAFE eases burdens for program managers and command staff. We are thrilled to be supporting our first participant: Pasco Sheriff’s Office, through the SAFE program.

What is SAFE?

SAFE is a five year, end-to-end autonomous drone package designed to relieve the administrative burden of funding, equipping, and operating a program, and allows the team to focus on executing their missions as efficiently as possible. No more worrying about fighting for budget, having to replace old or worn out systems, or dealing with an obsolete fleet because of management turnover. Check out the graphic below for details on all SAFE offerings:

Skydio SAFE Infographic

Why Go With SAFE?

Skydio SAFE reduces the administrative workload on program managers with flexible payment schedules and operational continuity over a five year period. With SAFE, your program is positioned to foster growth and impact. Here's how it works:

The Fight For Budget

Today’s budget could be gone in two years—Skydio SAFE offers flexible annual or lump-sum payment models that give you the freedom to stretch your funds how you see fit. No surprises and no need to spend time fighting for new funds every year.

Obsolescence Protection

Innovation moves quickly in the drone industry. The difference in what is considered standard technology can change drastically over a 3-year period, and evaluating new systems every time a drone retires can take up a lot of time. With consistent and predictable hardware upgrades to the latest generation of Skydio technology*, SAFE participants have more time to focus on their primary duties.

Damage & Wear Protection

Skydio Autonomy offers best in class obstacle avoidance, and Skydio Care goes one step further to provide free and discounted replacements in the event of damage.

SAFE customers also receive a Skydio Spares Plan for each drone in their contract. Skydio Spares is a way of guaranteeing replacements for drone parts that wear out over time, like props and batteries.

Operational Continuity

Drone program managers have a way of getting promoted within their organizations. Under SAFE, incoming leaders are well positioned to hit the ground running with long-term plans and support directly from the manufacturer. No more reinventing SOP every cycle. SAFE keeps you operational throughout the change, with Skydio Customer Support Managers ready to onboard your next superstar into a winning program.

One Stop Drone Shop

With Skydio SAFE, customers can purchase a 5-year plan that covers future aircraft hardware refreshes, software updates, training and customer support all directly from Skydio. If you’re interested in learning more, ask your Skydio sales representative whether SAFE is a good fit for your organization or click the link below to have someone get in touch with you.

Contact Sales to Learn More

*Customer receives a like system to their initial fleet, so a drone with a thermal camera is replaced by another drone with a thermal camera. The customer receives new equipment of whatever technology generation is the latest at the time of their hardware upgrade.

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