January 13, 2022

All About Skydio 2+ for Enterprise

Alex Netto

Alex Netto

Skydi0 2+ Enterprise Drone

Last week we released the brand new Skydio 2+ drone, which builds on the company's industry-leading autonomous flight capabilities, while adding some notable improvements on both hardware and software. Skydio 2+ has two omnidirectional external antennas to extend the drone's range from 3.5 km to up to 6 km*, a new Skydio 2+ Battery now offers 20% more flight time, and the Skydio 2+ Beacon™ boasts an extended 3 km range. Additionally, with the launch of Skydio KeyFrame, drone pilots can easily make jaw dropping cinematic drone videos. However, in this particular blog, we want to focus on the set of enhancements that are geared for enterprise users.

What is new with Skydio 2+ for Enterprise?

  • Skydio Enterprise Controller compatibility
  • Skydio Care Enterprise
Skydio 2+ Drone Specifications

Ultimate Operation with the Skydio Enterprise Controller

The Skydio 2+ is now compatible with the Skydio Enterprise Controller, giving the professional operator a more robust and intuitive ground control experience than ever before. The Skydio Enterprise Controller is designed from the ground up for enterprise drone operations, built with military grade components, an ergonomic design, and a 6.8” ultra-bright touchscreen. With the Skydio 2+ increased range of up to 6km* (3.7 miles) and the added flight time, the drone operator can get more done in less time.

Skydio enterprise controller

Fly Confidently with Skydio Care Enterprise

Skydio drones leverage market-leading computer vision to provide 360 obstacle avoidance, making them the easiest to fly on the market. The omni-directional sense and avoid capabilities of Skydio 2+ allow users to safely navigate complex, dense environments out of reach for other drones in the market. However, we also understand that no technology is infallible. Skydio Care Enterprise is a new protection plan that provides comprehensive coverage for accidental damages from collisions, water damage, and unrecoverable landings for Skydio 2+. Skydio Care Enterprise complements the Skydio Limited Warranty, allowing you to enjoy flying your Skydio 2+ with greater peace of mind. The plan covers the drone for 24 months, while extending the standard 1 year hardware warranty for a second year. The plan allows for a total of 3 no-questions-asked advanced replacements (with a 2 business day shipping SLA), including one unrecoverable landing. The first replacement is free, while the second, third  and unrecoverable landing replacements have an associated replacement fee. The combination of Skydio Autonomy flight assistance and the Skydio Care Enterprise protection plan will provide enterprise operators unprecedented levels of confidence to operate where they need.

Supercharged with Skydio Autonomy Enterprise

In addition to our breakthrough autonomous flight and obstacle avoidance capabilities, Skydio 2+ for enterprise comes out-of-the-box with a complete set of advanced enterprise skills called Skydio Autonomy Enterprise. This software assists the pilot during tactical situational awareness scenarios and detailed industrial asset inspections. Designed for professionals, it offers additional flight features only available through the Skydio Enterprise application, including 360 Superzoom, Point-of-Interest Orbit, Close Proximity Obstacle Avoidance and more which allows enterprise pilots to capture every single detail in less time without compromising the safety of the aircraft.

Connect to Skydio Cloud

With more flight time, range, and software capabilities, the need to store the media in one central location that can be shared across the organization becomes more apparent. It is no secret that in order to manage an enterprise program at scale, organizations need robust fleet and data management services.

Ready for Automated Scene Capture with Connected Flight Operations

Don’t forget that Skydio 2+ is ready out of the gate to take advantage of the complete Skydio software stack for enterprise drone operators, which includes:

  • Skydio 3D Scan: our revolutionary adaptive scanning software that enables Skydio drones to fully automate the entire data capture process needed to document the most complex structures and generate 3D models with comprehensive coverage and ultra-high resolution. Skydio 3D Scan enables professional operators to produce higher quality reports, reconstructions, and inspections in less time and with minimal pilot training.
  • Skydio Cloud: seamlessly and securely integrates with our drones turning them into powerful internet-connected devices. Skydio Media Sync allows you to easily ingest your drone captured data within the hassle of manual SD card upload, making it easy for you to propagate said data broadly across your organization. Meanwhile, Skydio Fleet Manager provides federated management for distributed drone operations, Once your telemetry has been uploaded to the cloud, you'll be able to access flight logs and see robust reporting on usage metrics.

At Skydio - we're incredibly excited about the capabilities that Skydio 2+ will bring to your organization, we can’t wait for you to start exploring it, and we welcome your feedback as we continue to invest heavily in building out the leading platform for enterprise drone operations. If you are interested in getting started with Skydio 2+ for enterprise, please contact us here.

* Always follow local rules, regulations, and FAA guidelines, and fly your drone in line of sight at all times.

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