May 23, 2022

Skydio Drones Now Live Stream with Axon Respond

Alex Netto

Alex Netto

Axon and Skydio drones

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Today, we are excited to announce that Skydio and Axon customers can now view video live streams from Skydio 2 and Skydio X2 alongside their Axon body and in-car camera feeds using Axon Respond. Video live streaming to multiple users and devices is a critical capability for first responders, fire and law enforcement agencies and, not surprisingly, one of the most highly requested features from our customers. We are excited to finally deliver it!

Axon Respond isn’t the first integrated service with Skydio drones and won’t be the last one. A few months ago, we unlocked the ability to seamlessly upload video and photo imagery from Skydio drones to Axon Evidence, allowing public safety agencies to drastically reduce the operational complexity of uploading and organizing digital evidence in a secure fashion. Next we will bring integration with Axon Air (currently in early access) to enable the stakeholders of your program to closely monitor your drone hardware, pilots, mission logs and more.

Drones have proven to be extremely beneficial for emergency responders to improve mission success and response time with invaluable situational awareness while keeping operators safe. Videos and photographic data from drones is also incredibly powerful to increase transparency, ensure accountability and improve the accuracy of evidence reporting.

It's difficult not to get excited about the value that the Skydio + Axon solution brings. For the first time, agencies across the country will benefit from Skydio’s unmatched ease of use and obstacle avoidance, with seamless integration with the complete suite of Axon’s software. And because Skydio drones are built here in the US ( Skydio X2 is NDAA compliant) a future proof, trusted solution that doesn’t introduce security risk to our communities.

Live Situational Awareness - Axon Respond

Having a drone that is able to transmit high resolution video from privileged vantage points helps to assist first responders and incident managers in dangerous situations. However, sharing the vital live video feed from the drones camera to others on the scene or to a command center has been a missing piece in the live situational awareness puzzle. With many public safety agencies already using Axon Respond for the live streaming capabilities of Axon body and vehicle dash cameras, including an aerial perspective all within the same network makes it easy for agencies to implement. Few drone companies in the market have this integration with Axon and now Skydio is proud to be part of the network of interconnected devices.

skydio axon respond interface with drones
Axon body and Skydio drone cameras are able to be live streamed into Axon Respond

With Skydio’s integration with Axon Respond, Incident Management and Command Staff have a single solution to be able to keep eyes on scene with simultaneous live streaming of drone footage at 720p resolution in the air, and body worn cameras on the ground. Live streaming has proven itself a powerful tool for law enforcement, supplying Incident Managers with as much intel as possible when calling the shots from a remote location. With a combined ground and aerial perspective, emergency response personnel have access to a more complete picture of the scene.

Automated Evidence Collection - Axon Evidence

Pilots spending time physically pulling SD cards, manually moving photo and video files from drones to computers, and then individually tagging and uploading photos to a digital evidence management system takes up valuable time which would be better spent on casework.

axon evidence skydio drone footage

Since we announced the general availability in late 2021, law enforcement agencies have had the ability to automatically upload photos and videos from their Skydio drones into their Axon Evidence servers. Those media files are stored in your Evidence server with the hashing data automatically attached, assuring chain of custody and saving the time of your officers.

With all of the different camera systems and technology law enforcement has at their disposal these days, new administrative issues are created beyond the uploading of critical data. Once that data is uploaded, it's important that it is stored with corresponding evidence for the same case, even when it's collected using different categories of hardware. With Axon Evidence and Skydio, you can easily upload data from your Skydio drones, Axon body cameras, and dash cams to be stored in one secure location and sorted by the respective case. This enables the data to be easily searchable and accessible by other members of your organization.

Actionable Aerial Intelligence

axon skydio integration graphic

With Skydio’s integration with Axon Air, Respond and Evidence, agencies will have a complete solution for the department's drone program. We’re excited to continue to work closely with the Axon team and our customers to bring unprecedented utility and value to your agency’s drone operations. If you are ready to join the next phase for public safety intelligence and want to learn more about our joint solution with Axon, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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