January 27, 2023

The Latest on Skydio’s Path to Remote ID Compliance

Brendan Groves

Brendan Groves

Skydio Remote ID Update

Skydio consumer and enterprise drones produced after September 16, 2022 (and running Skydio software version rc21.1) are compliant with Standard Remote ID and are listed on the FAA’s Declaration of Compliance website. For Skydio drones produced prior to September 16, 2022, including Skydio 2, 2+, and X2E, Skydio anticipates enabling Standard Remote ID compliance before the September 16, 2023 operator deadline by means of a software update (and label) with no hardware modifications required. Stay tuned for more news on that.

For background, the Remote ID rule contains two basic deadlines. First, drone manufacturers must begin making Remote ID compliant drones by September 16, 2022. Skydio is compliant with that deadline.  Second, operators must begin using Remote ID compliant products by September 16, 2023, unless flying in an FAA-recognized identification area (a new term that describes a flying area where Remote ID is not required and generally applies to recreational flying). For more background on the Remote ID rule, and how Skydio has stood up for its customers, you can review a blog post that Skydio published in early 2021.

Skydio has developed a comprehensive support article that makes it easy to understand whether your drone has Remote ID, whether Remote ID is working, how to register your drone, and more. Until September 16, 2023, operators are not required to operate a Remote ID compliant drone. However, you may be registering a new Skydio drone that was manufactured after September 16, 2022 and has Standard Remote ID. Registering a Remote ID drone is slightly different than one without Remote ID. This support article makes it easy to understand that process.

Skydio defense products (the X2D series) are intended to be offline and are not Remote ID compliant. The Remote ID rule expressly exempts from the manufacturing requirement drones operated by the United States government.

Thanks for flying Skydio drones--the smartest, safest drones in the world. We’ll keep you posted on future updates with respect to Remote ID.

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