February 19, 2024

Skydio X10: Revolutionizing 3D Scanning with Onboard Modeling

Jason Tillman Skydio

Jason Tillman

Skydio X10 3D Scanning

Welcome to a new era in drone technology, where innovation meets practicality. Today, we're delving deep into the Skydio X10, unveiling its exclusive capability: Onboard Modeling which allows operators to build 3D models and 2D maps directly on the drone itself.

Introducing Onboard Modeling: A Game-Changer in 3D Scanning

Picture this: creating 3D models and 2D maps on the drone itself, eliminating the need for additional photogrammetry software, external systems or even internet connectivity. This feature is accessible to anyone using the Skydio X10, making the creation of models in the field easy, efficient, and available with just a few clicks.

Key Benefits of Onboard Modeling

1. Speed and Accessibility

Onboard Modeling enables users to build a 3D model and 2D map directly on the drone in minutes. This means no need for powerful workstations, internet connections, or external software—just a click of a button, and you have your model.

2. Ease of Use

With advanced photogrammetry algorithms, the Skydio X10's camera captures images, and the drone generates textured 3D models within minutes. The best part? No training is required; it's fast, easy, and readily available on the drone itself.

3. On-Site Availability

Models can be created on-site, eliminating the need for separate computers or systems. This feature allows for quick decision-making, especially in time-sensitive missions.

Onboard Modeling Value Across Industries

For Defense Forces

Onboard Modeling proves to be mission-critical for Defense Forces, offering instant 3D/2D data for enhanced situational awareness. Tactical units can assess environments, identify entry points, mark obstacles, locate areas without cover, and plan routes in real-time. In time-sensitive missions, this feature can save lives by delivering crucial information within minutes.

Battle damage 3d model skydio x10

Importantly, Onboard Modeling enables rapid battle damage assessment in 2D or 3D. By scanning damage sites, assessment teams can quickly document and analyze the extent of destruction to infrastructure and equipment. The 3D Scan feature also facilitates detailed documentation of incident sites that may contain evidence of war crimes. The ability to create and view a 3D model on-site drastically increases situational awareness.

When leveraging Onboard Modeling after a Map Capture mission, geo-located, 2D orthomosaics can be rapidly produced, which further enhances situational awareness by providing location data to a near-real time map without needing satellite imagery or other 3rd party sources.

3d model Skydio 10

During time-sensitive missions, such as hostage situations, creating a traditional model or map via desktop and third-party software can take hours. Onboard Modeling, however, delivers this information in just a couple of minutes without requiring additional hardware or connection to the cloud or internet.

For Law Enforcement

Onboard Modeling is best suited for creating pre-incident planning models of soft target locations like schools and shopping centers. The 3D models and 2D maps equip law enforcement with valuable insights into these environments before critical incidents for tactical planning purposes.

onboard modeling Skydio X10 drone remote

Additionally, Onboard Modeling is a game-changer for law enforcement agencies, particularly in the context of crash and crime scene documentation. It allows officers to quickly construct highly accurate 3D models right at the scene, following a rapid scan. This capability ensures that every detail is captured accurately and comprehensively, revolutionizing evidence collection.

Furthermore, this technology significantly reduces the time scenes remain closed, minimizing community disruption and traffic issues. The ability to quickly reopen roads and clear scenes is a critical factor in maintaining public support and operational efficiency. The detailed 3D models, which can be 3D printed for courtroom use, provide a vivid and accurate representation of the scene. This assists jurors in understanding complex evidence such as vehicle damage and collision dynamics, enhancing the overall effectiveness of law enforcement operations, especially in the critical post-incident phase

Onboard Modeling brings immense value for pre-incident planning and post-incident documentation and, overall, it makes the jobs of law enforcement professionals easier and more effective.

For Inspections

In the realm of inspections, Onboard Modeling is a powerful tool. Inspectors can process textured 3D models on-site, validating the quality of completed scans. This not only saves time and resources but also minimizes the need for revisiting sites, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

bridge digital Skydio X10

In various inspection scenarios, having the ability to process a textured 3D model on-site provides valuable insights into the quality of the completed scan. Whether it's inspecting a remote bridge or critical equipment such as aircraft or ships, Onboard Modeling can validate the data on-site, identifying potential risks in post-production. This feature offers a significant advantage, allowing operators to make informed decisions and take corrective actions immediately.

Summary: The Unmatched Benefits of Onboard Modeling

Onboard Modeling on the Skydio X10 is a transformative feature that addresses critical customer problems across Defense, Public Safety, and Utilities. Its speed, accessibility, and on-site availability make it a must-have tool for professionals who demand quick, accurate, and reliable 3D scanning capabilities.

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