March 24, 2022

Women's History Month - Celebrating Skydiennes: Connie Diwa

Kendall Martin

Kendall Martin

Connie Diwa: Skydio Customer Support Representative and Part 107 pilot

This year, Women's History Month at Skydio is dedicated to the women at Skydio who have taken on the Part 107 challenge and completed the exam to become fully licensed commercial drone pilots! In an industry notoriously dominated by men, we believe it is our responsibility, as the #1 manufacturer of drones in the U.S. to enable and encourage more women to enter the space and become fully licensed pilots. In this blog, we'll be featuring Skydio Customer Support Representative, Connie Diwa.

Connie Diwa Skydio 2 Launch

Tell us about yourself Connie! What was your path to joining Skydio? What team do you work on?

My name is Connie, and I’m with our Skydio Enterprise Support Team working as a Principal Support Specialist. I saw Skydio was building its support team around the time Skydio 2 launched. I started off supporting our consumers and now work directly with our Enterprise Customers supporting products such as Skydio X2, Skydio 3D Scan™, and Skydio Autonomy™.

Why did you decide to get your Part 107 license?

As I talked to our Skydio Customers daily, safe drone flying was always top of mind. Many of the folks I spoke to had their Part 107s. I felt that it would be beneficial also to obtain my Part 107 to support our customers better and also to enhance my skill set as a drone pilot.

Skydio 2 snowy neighborhood Connie Diwa

What was the process like? What tips and tricks would you share with someone just getting started?

The process was easy! There were great websites that helped you step by step. I purchased an FAA Part 107 Online Prep Course to help me stay on track with my studies.

Pro Tip: Practice Exams and Quizzes - it helped me know the question format on the exam. I passed in one try :)

Connie Diwa College Dronie Skydio 2

What are your favorite ways to fly? Any shots you're particularly proud of?

My favorite way to fly is via the Controller for manual shots and the Skydio Beacon paired with the Skydio App for autonomous tracking. During the pandemic, it was a great time for me to really master our Skydio 2. Shots I’m most proud of are some dronie shots of a graduating College Senior on her campus during the pandemic, and a Black Lives Matter street mural in my current town. These captured shots were really special for those involved.

BLM Connie Diwa Skydio 2

What advice would you have for women who are interested in learning to fly?

Go for it! Flying allows for so much creativity, whether it’s capturing an awesome landscape or a special life event. I was nervous and not confident in the beginning. The more of us there are, the better!

Left Shark Connie Diwa

Thanks for stopping by Connie! Can't wait to see you in the skies with the rest of the Skydio community.

If you have questions about drones, getting your Part 107, or looking for support and community join us on LinkedIn in the Skydiennes group or join our Community Discord server to get to know, learn from, and be inspired by other Skydio pilots in the community.

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