Skydio drone operating remotely in substation
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Reduce risk and optimize costs and performance

with better asset health data.

Prioritize and strategize
with confidence.

Skydio X10 Drone inspecting substation

Inspect assets more often and get better data to prioritize and validate maintenance strategies. Build an accurate, comprehensive and continual understanding of infrastructure health and security so you can make data-driven decisions with confidence. That kind of confidence comes with making a shift from time-based to condition-based maintenance. A shift that will transform your operations.

Condition-based maintenance ensures asset issues are identified and resolved before they become a bigger, costlier problem.

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The top
4 U.S. utilities
and 120+ others
trust Skydio

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We’ve never had a vendor work with us like this. If every company looked at the relationship like a partnership, imagine how much better everything could be.

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The path to condition-based maintenance.

illustration of skydio x10 flying around power lines

Empower frontline staff with Skydio drones.

Anyone can fly our autonomous drones with just a few hours of training. And only Skydio drones can get up-close views in highly charged environments.

illustration of skydio x10 being flown remotely using the skydio dock

Fly inspection missions remotely.

No need to spend on truck rolls when you dock your drones on site. Fly an inspection from anywhere – on schedule or on demand to get the info you need to solve issues faster.

illustration of operator watching over multiple autonomously flown drones

Centralize and automate inspection flights.

Schedule regular inspections and fly the same path fully autonomously. Capture the same images each time then automate analysis to quickly understand when asset conditions change.


remote flight deck display flying drone

Fly remotely to cut costs and reduce safety risks.

Keep your drones ready for action on site, in a ruggedized Skydio Dock. Our Remote Flight Deck application enables you to pilot drones remotely from a browser for as-needed inspections any time. You can also automate flights using our Remote Ops mission planning software. Fly repetitive missions and capture the same high-quality data set every time to enable better decision making.

See how PG&E conducts inspections remotely.

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Start your journey with drones designed for utility inspection and monitoring.

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Fly regular inspections to track the health of your assets. And protect your facility with security monitoring.

skydio X10 drone in between power lines

Inspect more poles in less time to catch emerging issues early. Get the info you need to resolve outage issues faster.

power plant inspection

Capture better data while keeping staff safe as they inspect hard to reach places in challenging environments.

We don’t just build drones. We build drone programs.

Skydio Team member with customer going over BVLOS requirements

Prepare to meet regulatory requirements with help from our professionals.

As you advance your drone program to be able to fly remotely from Skydio Docks, you’ll need FAA approval for beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operation. The Skydio Regulatory Services team can guide you through the waiver process. Engage their expertise in autonomy and aviation operations to help you through the documentation process and the transition to fully autonomous flight.

Skydio Team with customer demonstrating Skydio drone capabilities

Plan, launch, and scale your drone program with Skydio support.

You get more than a drone when you work with Skydio. We'll help you build a cost-effective and sustainable drone program. Our team will guide you through every step of the process with Success Services. We have experts who have extensive experience building a successful utility inspection drone program from the ground up. We’re here to give you the support you need. Working together, we can help you:

  1. Analyze current state and business case

  2. Prove the concept internally

  3. Plan for integration into current processes and systems with Skydio Extend

  4. Scale within your organization

Top utility companies trust Skydio.

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