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Skydio drones are the ideal sUAS solution for military use.

Skydio X2D is the most advanced organic, unit-level sUAS solution for military personnel to conduct reconnaissance, security patrol, and incident response missions.

Skydio drones for military and defense

Trusted and Approved by the United States DoD

Skydio is the situational awareness sUAS tool of choice of the Army, Marine Corps, and United Kingdom Ministry of Defence.

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Support Mission Success With Revolutionary Software Capabilities

Fly in Front of the Pack With Skydio Scout

Move confidently with dynamic autonomous overwatch.

With Scout, the drone will fly at a set distance from the Skydio Enterprise Controller or Skydio Beacon, remaining locked on without the operator having to manually control the drone.

Skydio Scout enables operators to be heads up more often rather than heads down focused on flying the drone.

Enhance Team Awareness With ATAK

Give teammates and decision-makers key information to enhance real-time awareness with ATAK.

Connect to a TAK network with the Skydio Enterprise Controller, giving teammates access to the drone’s live video feed, location, and telemetry data.

The integration allows drone information to be unified into a larger tactical picture and merged with other mission data displayed in ATAK.

Fully Document Scenes Autonomously With Skydio 3D Scan

Adaptive scanning for fast, reliable photogrammetry capture.

Skydio 3D Scan automates the data capture process needed to generate 3D models and maps with comprehensive coverage and ultra-high resolution.

Reduce cognitive overload and risk to force, decrease capture time in high-risk environments, increase accuracy, and minimize pilot training with this first-of-its-kind adaptive scanning software.

Skydio Was Selected As the Sole Platform for the U.S. Army’s Short Range Reconnaissance Program

“The selection of the U.S. Army’s short range reconnaissance provider for tranche 1 is a significant milestone for the Army, our strategic partners and the domestic industrial base. The future for our Soldiers is now,”

Col. Joseph Anderson

Project Manager for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (U.S. Army)

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X2D: Ready for Duty - Video Series

X2D: Ready for Duty tells the story of a team of fictional warfighters as they face five different missions, and highlights what happens when ISR is conducted with the support of an intelligent drone capable of working as a trusted teammate.

X2D is a true force multiplier
Skydio Defense Drone Products

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Skydio X2D Color/Thermal

Ruggedized and Portable Drone for Quick Deployment

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Skydio x2 thermal drone

Skydio 3D Scan

Adaptive Scanning for Autonomous Digital Twin Data Capture

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Skydio X2D Whitepaper Title- Autonomous Drone for organic, unit level ISR

Skydio X2D: AI-powered Autonomous Drone for Organic, Unit-level ISR

Learn how the Skydio X2D supports a wide range of ISR missions to deliver a tool that is a true force multiplier


Defense News and Updates

U.S. Drone Maker Skydio Wins Production Other Transaction (OT) Agreement for U.S. Army...

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MCL and Skydio Awarded £3 Million Contract for MOD Spiral 4


Using an AI-Powered Drone to Autonomously Capture Digital Twins of Tactical Environments


Explosive Ordnance Disposal with Autonomous Drones


Product Datasheets and Capability Statement

Skydio X2D Color/Thermal


Skydio X2D Color


Skydio 3D Scan


Skydio Capability Statement



Skydio X2D: AI Applied to ISR and Digital Twin Capture In Tactical Environments


Build a Lasting Tactical Edge - Scaling your Autonomous Drone Program with Skydio


How Skydio Drones and AI-Driven Autonomy Ensure Mission Success


AI-powered Autonomous Drones for Organic, Unit-level ISR

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