drone flying around power lines
drone flying around power lines


Avoid costly downtime events

…with aerial network inspections

Respond to outages and conduct planned inspections 3x faster

Get high-resolution cameras within arms-length of electrical equipment with much less danger and effort than with bucket truck crews. Just a few hours of training can get inspectors flying with Skydio.

Our ground-breaking AI-driven navigation system makes it easy to avoid obstacles as you fly, even in high EMI environments, as our drones don't rely on GPS. You'll capture better quality data from any insulator, transformer, or line far faster than manual crews.

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See why so many top utility companies choose Skydio

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No other inspection solution performs like Skydio

Capture images and video of any part of the distribution network

Locate breaks and identify maintenance needs faster with aerial inspections powered by Skydio. No need to call in specialists, assign inspectors to dangerous situations, or mobilize cumbersome bucket truck crews. Now, you can swiftly maneuver into highly energized, obstacle-rich environments to get the shots you need and limit service interruptions.

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Get airborne without a heavy training burden

Proficient in a few minutes and expert in just hours, your existing crew can capture the data they need without hiring additional pilots. Our market-leading autonomous technology makes it easy to navigate around obstacles without crashing. Any operator, no matter their skill level, can confidently fly power line inspections in complex environments, avoiding trees, lines, and poles.

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Collect the highest quality inspection data, everytime

Gather high-precision data on substations and utility poles to diagnose and plan repairs faster. Reposition quickly to capture every angle on your shot list. Skydio’s navigation system – unlike traditional drones’ – is unaffected by electromagnetic interference (EMI), so you can maneuver through charged lines without a hitch.

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Three more reasons utility professionals love Skydio

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Thermal Equipped

Identify heat and temperature differences to recognize anomalies on critical power generation infrastructure.

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Trusted Source

Protect the security of critical infrastructure with a solution designed, assembled, and supported in the USA.

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Regulatory Guidance

Engage our team of experts to help you through the BVLOS waiver process.

Top utilities trust Skydio to monitor critical infrastructure

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Dominion Energy
Eversource Energy

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Skydio X2E Thermal Drone

Thermal/color options, NDAA compliant, extended flight

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Skydio 2+ Drone

Compact frame for tight spaces, indoor operation

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Enterprise Controller

Mobile controller with built-in screen, long range

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Autonomy Enterprise

Advanced automated flight intelligence

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Skydio Cloud

Fleet management, media sync, model viewer

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Regulatory Services

Support for BVLOS waiver application

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Online and in-person product training

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Contracted upgrades so you always have the latest

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Skydio Care

Low cost replacements for 3 years

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