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How Skydio Drones are Used in Fire Services

Live Fire Overwatch

Monitor fire scenes and detect hotspots from an aerial vantage point with Skydio X2E’s FLIR Boson thermal camera.

Firefighter releasing Skydio drone into fire

Search and Rescue

Skydio drones are able to search down low and in obstacle rich environments thanks to true 360º obstacle avoidance.

Search and Rescue member using a Skydio drone controller

Hazmat Operations

Keep your responders out of harm's way while flying up close and indoors to read gauges, identify placards, and inspect objects.

Drone documenting close up of electrical box

Disaster Scene Documentation

Reduce your time to capture and increase the accuracy of your fire or disaster scene documentation using Skydio 3D Scan.

Disaster scene documentation of a burned up helicopter

Current Response Methods Leave Room For Improvement

Traditional Methods for Situational Awareness

Response teams can only gather so much information about the scene through a traditional boots on the ground approach.

Firefighter preparing to walk into a burning building

Manual Drone Fallbacks

Manual drones have proved valuable for aiding emergency response efforts, but require many hours of pilot training and lack advanced built-in safety features.

Person using a manual drone with a drone controller

Skydio Drones Improve Emergency Response Procedures

Skydio drone performing search & rescue inside a crashed vehicle

Increase Operational Safety

Fly with confidence in the most challenging environments thanks to Skydio Autonomy Enterprise.

  • Computer vision navigation allows you to fly in tight corridors, near heavy metal structures, and under overhangs. Skydio drones don’t rely on GPS connectivity or magnetometers for steady flight.
  • 360° collision avoidance helps responders fly worry free in areas invisible from above.
Search and rescue operators using a Skydio drone controller

Effectively Scale Your Program

Enable individual first responders to immediately gather situational awareness, locate missing persons and document scenes.

  • Reduce the training burden of getting new pilots up and flying confidently with the help of Skydio Autonomy.
  • Ease of use. Skydio drones allow anyone to fly like an expert pilot. Allow your pilots to focus on assessing the emergency scene, not flying the drone.
Real-time and thermal aerial view of bridge using Skydio x2 drone

Access Thermal Imaging Data

Confidently maneuver your FLIR-camera-equipped Skydio X2 into the right location to get the best view of the scene.

  • Identify Hotspots. See through smoke to identify hotspots and better direct your response teams.
  • Dual capture available with Skydio X2 allows teams to capture images and videos with both color and thermal cameras while using 3D Scan.
Skydio Fire Drone Products

Learn About Skydio Solutions for Emergency Responders

Skydio X2 Color/Thermal

Rugged, long-range drone built for public safety

Learn More
Skydio X2 Color/Thermal drone

Skydio 2+ for Enterprise

Our popular specialized autonomous drone

Learn More
Skydio 2+ drone for commercial, industrial and enterprise

Skydio 3D Scan

Autonomous data capture software for S2+ and X2

Learn More
Skydio 3D scan app on a smartphone

Skydio Cloud

Connected flight operations for your Skydio fleet

Learn More
Skydio Cloud software on desktop computer

Skydio Drones in Action for Fire Response

Watch “The Fire” to see how Skydio Autonomy can be used to improve fire response tactics, allowing the pilot to smoothly navigate obstacle-rich environments and adjust their vantage point to keep eyes on the scene.

Watch the complete Skydio Public Safety Video Series: Autonomous Drones for First Responders to learn about more public safety drone use cases.

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Emergency Response Customer Quotes

Sacramento Metro Fire District

Close Proximity Obstacle Avoidance allows us to fly our aircraft into tight, complex environments without giving up the safety that normally comes with flying Skydios. We are excited to use it for search and rescue missions”

Ryan Gifford

Captain, UAV Program Manager

Phoenix Fire Department

“...The Skydio drones will help our teams gain situational awareness from an aerial view, while being equipped with advanced safety features that protect both our community and firefighters, and enable our new pilots to fly confidently.”

Mike Duran

Chief, Phoenix Fire

Skydio Drones are Fully Integrated with the Axon Ecosystem

Skydio drones and Axon situational awareness platforms

Skydio drones with Axon Air, Axon Evidence, and Axon Respond bring a paradigm shift in how agencies leverage drones for situational awareness and evidence management.

Learn More

Fully Document Disaster Scenes with Skydio 3D Scan

This model was captured autonomously by Skydio 2 with 3D Scan to document a mock helicopter crash scene, which was then processed in Bentley to generate the 3D model. The model required 542 photos at a 1.25 mm GSD and was captured in 43 minutes flight time.



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Product Datasheets

Skydio 2+ Enterprise

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Skydio X2E Color/Thermal

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Skydio 3D Scan

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Axon Solutions

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Skydio X2 and Skydio 2+ drones

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