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Make Skydio Autonomy your advantage.

For the past nine years, we’ve built the skills of an expert pilot into our hardware and software so you can fly further, safer, and better, day or night. It takes the most sophisticated AI and the most advanced sensors in the world to see and solve complex navigation in real time. But that’s the power of Skydio Autonomy: intuitive, perceptive, and ready for action. So you can do more of what you do best.

How Skydio Autonomy works for you.

We do the flying. So you can focus on the task at hand.

Backed by an onboard NVIDIA Jetson Orin GPU, Skydio drones have the compute capacity to see, understand, and react in real time.

With the skills of an expert pilot built-in, Skydio drones excel in complex environments where others falter, automatically avoiding the thinnest obstacles and empowering anyone to fly with confidence.

Eliminate blind spots.
Six custom 360 degree nav cameras eliminate blind spots and avoid the thinnest obstacles.

Make the right decision, every time.
Predictive AI algorithm trained on nearly a decade of flying hours make the right decision, for every decision.

skydio x10 flying around power lines

We automate data capture. So you can get insights faster.

An advanced Spatial AI Engine provide Skydio drones complete awareness of their surroundings.

So you can repeat flights with centimeter-level consistency, conduct targeted inspections automatically, and build 2D and 3D models on the vehicle, in the field, in minutes. Complex data capture doesn't get more groundbreaking (or easier) than this.

3D Scan, made easy.
Generate digital twins, ready for export to photogrammetry applications.

See models instantly.
Evaluate models in the field to take immediate action and avoid costly repeat missions

skydio x10 tower scan

We fly in the dark. So you can extend operations 24/7.

A first-of-its kind nighttime navigation system for the Skydio X10 lets you fly in darkness or in low-light environments, with computer vision interpreting flight paths and avoiding obstacles to extend autonomous capabilities 24/7.

Now, you can bring the power of autonomous flight to tight indoor inspections, poorly lit infrastructure, and nighttime operations, with capabilities that other drones can only dream of.

See in the dark.
Skydio X10's unique computer vision capabilities make it the only drone on the market to operate fully autonomously at night.

Active 360 degree illumination.
Add-on lighting attachments provide active infrared or visible illumination.

x10 in the dark

We get you home. All you do is press a button.

Skydio Autonomy’s Spatial AI Engine constantly maps the drone’s environment as it flies through it. So when the mission’s done, it knows the safest way back home.

Understand your environment.
Groundbreaking algorithms help the drone reason in 3D space so the drone can build an understanding of the environment in mid-air.

Navigate your environment.
Using computer vision, the drone navigates complex environments, even where GPS may not be available.

skydio performing 3d scan

Trustworthy autonomy can’t just be an add-on.
It needs to be an architecture.

skydio x10
rectangle showing

bar graph showing X10 is quicker
skydio autonomy engine and skydio aircraft with icons indicating AI engine, spatial AI engine, six custom designed cameras and powerful onboard computing
skydio autonomy engine and skydio aircraft with icons indicating AI engine, spatial AI engine, six custom designed cameras and powerful onboard computing

See the innovations that make autonomy possible.

skydio person standing looking to the right

Any drone program can benefit, especially yours.

Getting started

No drone expertise is needed to start building your drone program. Anyone in your workforce can fly a Skydio drone, whether they’re responsible for inspections, situational awareness, or security. You get better visibility with no need to endanger workers with risky manual tasks.

Scaling up

It’s easy to grow your drone program beyond a few select pilots when you work with Skydio. Everyone on the team who needs a drone’s perspective can easily fly our autonomous drones. Let us show you how to multiply the benefit you get from your drone program.

Expanding your capabilities

Take your program even further when you capture data automatically. Automate workflows. View 2D/3D models on the controller while you’re on site. Pass control of an activated drone to a remote pilot. Even conduct fully autonomous flights. We’ll help you make it happen.

With real autonomy,
the future is here.

DFR to the rescue.
Right now.

Remote operations are finally possible with Skydio, the only drone intelligent enough to carry out its missions by itself, even when unsupervised. And with Skydio Remote Flight Deck, piloting can instantly shift from the field to a command center, so the ground team can focus on the action at hand.

Your tactical advantage. With Battlefield ISR.

Only real autonomy allows the modernization of core battlefield tasks today. Skydio’s unique spatial awareness AI enables previously unimaginable levels of functionality, enabling convoy scouting, communicating coordinates of key subjects and sites, and the identification and tracking of subjects through both visual and thermal cameras.

drone being used at lnight

Substation inspections. Simplified.

Remote inspections are no longer a logistics issue. With Skydio Autonomy, made even more powerful with Skydio Dock, you can easily conduct remote inspections by automating launches and flight routes, even when you’re not onsite. Say hello to the dream of condition based maintenance.

drone being used at substation

See autonomy take flight with Skydio X10.

skydio x10 drone
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