View of Skydio drone in flight inspecting cell tower
portrait view of Skydio drone in flight inspecting cell tower

Telecom: Asset Inspection Drones

Accelerate capacity and revenue growth

with faster, easier inspections

Get complete and accurate views with less complexity and risk

Increase your deployment speed, network reliability, and asset inventory accuracy without dangerous tower climbs or imprecise ground based cameras. Skydio can go where traditional drones can’t, powered by computer-vision and built-in obstacle avoidance that lets you negotiate densely populated towers and high-power directional antennas, safely.

Any technician can fly a Skydio drone with just a few hours of training. Our autonomous technology enables you to get the highest quality data to create virtual assets essential for tighter install cycles.

360° Obstacle Avoidance

Telecoms Skydio provides 360 obstacle avoidance

Skydio can go where traditional drones can't, powered by computer-vision and built-in obstacle avoidance.

asset inspection for network providers

Network operators

Use Skydio to keep up with your customers’ insatiable desire for data throughput. Get to market quicker by using Skydio drones to accelerate 5G network.

asset inspection for tower owners

Tower owners

Accelerate new installations on towers and rooftops and accelerate revenue. Use Skydio drones to provide complete visibility for every location.

asset inspection for oems, engineers, construction crews

OEMs, engineering
and build teams

Meet the demands of your clients and deploy new equipment and services faster. Use Skydio drones to speed analysis, design, and every state of a project.

Increase your efficiency with aerial inspections for:

  • Structural and mount analysis
  • Pre-construction mapping
  • RF design
  • Post-construction inspections
  • Site candidate information packages (SCIP)
  • Detailed as-built views
  • Close-out packages
  • Tower and equipment maintenance
  • Digital twin creation
  • Troubleshooting and disaster recovery

No other telecom asset inspection solution performs like Skydio

Fly with confidence in the toughest environments

Survey infrastructure in RF charged and obstacle-rich environments without relying on GPS connectivity or magnetometers for steady flight. Our AI-powered navigation system enables you to get up-close views, even near antennas and equipment, while keeping your drone cell tower inspections crash-free.

Drone in flight around cell tower inspecting telecoms equipment

Any technician can fly a Skydio drone like a pro with minimal training

While traditional drones require expertise to maneuver, anyone can fly a Skydio. Our autonomous technology deftly avoids obstacles, making it easy for operators with just a few hours of training to navigate wherever needed to get the data you require. Launch and grow your drone telecom inspection program without big investments in training.

Construction drone pilot launching drone using a Skydio controller

Fully automate the data collection process

Capture a comprehensive data set to meet precision requirements—automatically. Skydio 3D Scan autonomously scans your structure and provides your technician with real-time feedback on the quality of data. Minimal pre-planning is required and the technician can verify imagery on-site, so you always have what you need for photogrammetry processing without rescans.

360 3D scan of cell tower taken by Skydio drone

 Three more reasons telecom leaders love Skydio

Livestream your flight icon

Live Streaming

Provide real-time visibility for remote team members to monitor inspections and more.

Skydio trusted source shield icon with stars and stripes

Trusted Source

Avoid country-of-origin concerns with a solution designed, assembled, and supported in the USA.

Skydio regulatory guidance icon

Regulatory Guidance

Engage our team of experts to help you through the Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) waiver process.

Let us show you how to cut inspection costs and get better data


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