Skydio X10D drone inspecting aircraft carrier landscape view
Skydio X10D inspecting aircraft carrier portrait view

Defense: Asset Inspection

Win the race to readiness.

Conduct faster, more complete inspections wherever your assets are.

Keep your equipment and facilities in peak performance.

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Get high-quality data to inform maintenance decisions. You’ll reduce maintenance costs with well-timed repairs while increasing uptime for critical defense assets. Use Skydio sUAS to conduct aerial inspections of ships, aircraft, utility infrastructure, buildings, runways, bridges, and more.

Our autonomous technology makes it easy for personnel at any skill level to fly. And, when you add our Remote Ops capabilities, you can program fully automated inspections.

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Trusted by every branch of the U.S. DoD, all FVEY countries and across NATO.

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We were in a hangar with a C-130 a couple of weeks ago. There were ducts, lines, and maintenance stands in the hangar. The drone, which is phenomenal, was just flying right around it doing its thing.

AI Digital Transformation Manager,
Major US Defense Contractor

No other inspection drone performs like Skydio.

Skydio X10D inspecting an air force jet

Easily capture every last detail.

Gain an accurate picture of asset health without putting personnel at risk. Conduct aerial inspections with best-in-class sensors — in a fraction of the time it takes with manual methods. For example, you can document every inch of a wide-body aircraft with just 40 minutes of flight time to make well-informed maintenance decisions.

Create comprehensive digital records of your inspections.

Monitor conditions over time by building digital twins of your assets. Pilots of all skill levels can use Skydio 3D Scan to automatically capture full data sets to enable modeling and analysis with your choice of programs. In addition to informing strategic maintenance planning, this level of visibility supports greater accountability and can open new avenues for process improvement and cost savings, empowering you to more readily adapt to the evolving demands of modern warfare.

Skydio X10D monitoring of supply chain shipping port overhead view

Integrate inspections into supply chain networks for increased agility.

Extend your advantage even further by making front-line inspection asset data available across your network. Remote maintenance subject matter experts and supply chain support nodes can quickly respond to needs detected from inspection data — from ships underway or aircraft positioned overseas, to ensure necessary materials are available at the right time and place.

Three more reasons military leaders love Skydio.

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Engage our team of experts to help you develop best practices for training and safety programs for your installation or drone program.

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Open, Modular

Manage your workflow end-to-end with multiple integrations with defense partners for mapping, 3D modeling, data storage and more.

illustration of methods the government can purchase Skydio drones, displaying the GSA Advantage as well as The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) logos


Find Skydio solutions on GSA Advantage as well on The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Special Operations Equipment (SOE) Tailored Logistics Support (TLS) Program.

Improve readiness with the Skydio Asset Inspection Solution.

1 Always fly X10 in compliance with applicable laws and according to the Skydio Safety and Usage Guidelines

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