Wide view of a Skydio drone flying in a electrical power substation location
portrait view of a Skydio drone flying in a power substation location

Energy and Utilities: Substation Monitoring

Go where other drones don’t dare

Get a comprehensive view of hard-to-reach assets with electromagnetic resistant navigation

Substations are critical, often remote, and disastrous if they fail

Get comprehensive, up-close monitoring with the only EMI resistant drone

Only Skydio is resistant to electromagnetic interference, enabling our drones to go where our competitors don’t dare. With Skydio Dock, substation inspection data is always available. Get peace of mind with safe, close proximity monitoring in energized substation environments and make more informed decisions that reduce downtime and improve the long term health of aging equipment, while mitigating risk around worker safety and substation facility security.

Cost for an outage per 10,000 customers $47,000 / Day

Cost for an outage per 10,000 customers

Cost of truck roll $5,500 / Each Labor, conditions, materials

Cost of truck roll $5,500 / Each Labor, conditions, materials

"With other drones we would lose signal from any electromagnetic interference, but with Skydio we never lost connection. It gathered plenty of data and flew between highly-energized lines, no problem."

Levi Young, GIS/UAS Analyst
Arkansas Valley Electric Co-Op

Stay safer, get closer, 
and avoid bigger problems 

More data means better decisions and less downtime 

As equipment ages, regular monitoring becomes more important. Skydio autonomous drones enable comprehensive and more frequent asset inspection. Gathering data on asset health at regular intervals leads to more informed, data-driven decision making, which helps avoid downtime and improves long-term success.

The only drone solution for safe inspections

Substations are highly-energized environments that pose inherent safety risk. Our EMI resistant drones keep humans safely out of harm’s way, whether flying on site or operating remotely. Use Skydio Dock to house your drone onsite and our Remote Ops application to manage missions from a browser wherever you are. Crews don’t need to roll a truck for costly and time consuming routine remote substitution inspections – it can all be accomplished remotely.

Skydio X2 drone remotely inspecting a power substation facility

Prevent attacks with unparalleled security 

Substation attacks, theft, and vandalism make perimeter security a top priority, as damage from these intrusions can cause customers to lose power for days. An on-site Skydio Dock provides increased security with continuous, safe and accurate surveillance.

Skydio X2 drone responding remotely to security alert
view of city
PG&E video portrait orientation

See how PG&E conducts inspections remotely.

Three more reasons to make Skydio your partner for substation monitoring

Thermal icon for Skydio thermal cameras

Thermal Equipped

Identify heat and temperature differences to recognize anomalies on critical power generation infrastructure.

Skydio trusted source shield icon with stars and stripes

Trusted Source

Protect the security of critical infrastructure with a solution designed, assembled, and supported in the USA.

Skydio regulatory guidance icon

Regulatory Guidance

Engage our team of experts to help you through the Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) waiver process.

Remotely launching Skydio X2 drone at substation from the Skydio dock

Remotely operated.
AI -powered

With Dock and Remote ops, continuously monitor, patrol, and collect data remotely without the need to have someone on-site. Get eyes on critical assets immediately following an event to enable appropriate, efficient, and timely response.

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