View of Skydio drone leaving dock lite inside warehouse facility
portrait view of Skydio drone leaving dock lite inside warehouse facility

Logistics: Automated Inventory Management Drones

Take inventory

with a self-flying drone solution

Reduce inventory management costs and increase accuracy

Save your human resources for more valuable and interesting work. Automate the tedious tasks of physical counting and cycle counts. Use Skydio drones to efficiently scan all the inventory in your warehouse or yard.

Skydio is a fully automated solution. After we map your site, our sophisticated drones fly the routes using an advanced AI-driven navigation system to capture images of bar codes, LPNs, and more without crashing. Then, each drone returns to its Dock, where all the data can be securely uploaded to your warehouse or yard management system.

30x Faster Scanning
30x Faster Scanning

"We go to a browser, schedule a flight, define a path, and based on that scheduled time and path - Skydio autonomously performs the mission. When I say autonomously, from takeoff to flight, to return, and landing."

Burcin Kaplanoglu,
Vice President of Innovation, Oracle

No other drone solution serves logistics teams like Skydio

Take flight with your existing staff to get the job done quickly and easily

Skydio drones are super easy to fly, but, when you’re flying indoors no operator is needed. Just set the schedule and positions you want to cover to put a Skydio drone in motion. It will navigate around every obstacle to get a complete inventory picture. Do the same in your outdoor yards with a beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) FAA waiver.

Drone flight management application on laptop screen

Get data whenever, wherever you need it

Skydio drones automatically capture data at any height in a matter of seconds. They can operate during quiet times to continuously capture data without the need to shut down for counting. Use them to do routine counts more frequently to keep records current and also deploy them to quickly find misplaced pallets or products.

Skydio drone in flight scanning warehouse inventory above shelves

Connect to recharge, send data, and get set for the next flight

At the end of each flight your Skydio drone automatically returns to Dock, its hub for remote operations. Send data to your choice of Warehouse Management systems (WMS), such as: Manhattan, Blue Yonder, TECSYS, or others to match images with records – and quickly see any discrepancies. Securely login from anywhere to manage your drone’s flights.

Drone returning to dock lite

Skydio Dock and Remote Ops

Remotely operated.
AI powered.

Continuously monitor, patrol, and collect data remotely without the need to have someone on-site.

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Three more reasons logistics professionals love Skydio

Navigation icon for Skydio's camera

Visual Navigation

Fly indoors or outdoors beyond GPS range. Skydio has a 6-camera, AI-driven visual navigation system.

Skydio trusted source shield icon with stars and stripes

Trusted Source

Invest in a platform that is designed, assembled, and supported in the USA.

Skydio regulatory guidance icon

Regulatory Guidance

Engage our team of experts to help you through the Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) waiver process for inventory management in your outdoor yards.

Let us show you how easily you can automate inventory management


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