March 31, 2021

Aeronyde Swaps DJI with Skydio to Get Jobs Done 60% Faster

Guillaume Delepine

Guillaume Delepine

Aeronyde indoor mission with Skydio 2 drone

Aeronyde uses Skydio drones to perform accurate volumetric stockpile analysis on complex sites, enabling construction project managers to track materials usage more effectively. With Skydio 2, Aeronyde can perform stockpile scans faster, and in more complex environments, with less pilot stress.

One of the best parts of my job is talking to customers and listening to their stories about the way that Skydio 2 is changing the way they fly and in some cases, the way they fundamentally do business. Today I’m excited to share with you the story of Aeronyde Corporation, a diversified Drone Services Provider (DSP) serving various enterprise and public safety clients across the Southeastern United States. After rigorously testing over 1,000 automated missions comparing the Skydio 2, DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Enterprise, and DJI Inspire series UAVs, the Skydio 2 outperformed DJI and has supplanted its enterprise workload.

After rigorously testing thousands of automated missions across the DJI Mavic 2 and Inspire series, the Skydio 2 outperformed the manual UAVs by nearly every quantifiable metric.”- Edgar Muñoz, CEO of Aeronyde

Challenge: Manual DJI drones were inefficient, generated poor scans, and had limited applications

Manual DJI drones were hampering Aeronyde’s operations, despite having a focused team of full-time, Part 107 certified drone pilots. While a well trained pilot makes a huge difference, the shortcomings of manual drone technology fundamentally limit the effectiveness of even the most skilled operator. Aeronyde’s analysis found that 82% of inspection costs were associated with pilot spend. Manual drones were limiting Aeronyde’s growth by making jobs take longer, hurting the quality of customer deliverables, and limiting the types of jobs that the company could perform for their clients.

Solution: A next-generation workhorse

After a short period of side-by-side testing, Aeronyde has moved into a full deployment phase of the Skydio 2, permanently replacing the legacy manual systems the team previously flew. Aeronyde’s fleet has grown to eight Skydio 2 Pro Kits, and the team plans to implement the Skydio Autonomy Enterprise Foundation software package on its existing aircraft to further enhance its inspection capabilities.

Flying more advanced grid pattern flights than ever before thanks to Skydio’s partnership with DroneDeploy, Aeronyde is able to capitalize on Skydio Autonomy, which provides 360º Obstacle Avoidance, reliable GPS-denied operations, and elevated workflow automation.

“We are realizing tremendous value for our clients by using Skydio’s autonomous drones, and are looking forward to staying on the cutting edge with the Autonomy Enterprise Foundation software and upcoming X2E.” - Edgar Muñoz, CEO of Aeronyde

DJI vs. Skydio 3D Modeling Comparison

Results: More efficient operations, higher quality outputs, new revenue streams

Switching to Skydio has enabled Aeronyde to equip its growing team with AI-enabled tools that better help them serve enterprise customers. Their upgrade to autonomy has resulted in faster scanning, better data quality, and entire new categories of business.

  • Up to 60% reduction in required flight time per job
  • 8-10x improvement in image quality
  • Opened new categories of indoor and low-altitude business

Flying indoors in GPS denied environment with Skydio 2

Aeronyde is a diversified Drone Services Provider serving various enterprise and public safety clients across the Southeastern United States

To learn how Aeronyde is generating this incredible value for their own operation and their customers, please come check out the full case study, available for download on And to hear from Aeronyde directly, please check out Chief Real Estate Officer, Trevor Ragno’s, recent appearance on our Recent Webinar: Accelerating your Part 107 Business with Skydio.

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