January 18, 2023

Using Autonomous Drones for Snow Biking With Cass Prochera

flying Skydio

Cass Prochera

skydio drone hand launch

Hey, y'all! My name is Cassandra but you can call me Cass. I am an electrician part-time while I ride and promote snow biking in the power sports industry for businesses and brands such as Yeti Snow MX, Klim, Husqvarna, and Riders Edge Suspension. Originally, I am a girl from the prairies that grew up with a very little background in the world I am so much involved in now. Becoming a performer for Yeti Snow MX in the backcountry, I would have to say, has become an accomplishment I am most proud of to this day. This lifestyle based out the mountains of Revelstoke, Nelson, and Pemberton, British Columbia is an incredible experience to share with friends and family back home in Saskatchewan.

skydio 2 taking off

Traditional Drones vs Skydio Drones

I have flown one other type of drone manually just a few times a couple of years back. I found the footage quality to be quite low and the flight controls to be quite harsh. I would have wanted the video to have looked a lot smoother. That is something Skydio has nailed! The footage comes out looking quite cinematic in comparison.

Discovering Skydio

Being a rider stoked to do promotional work in the power sports industry my attention started moving towards wanting to create more videos rather than just shooting photos. Roughly six months ago I started looking into drones and noticed reviews for the Skydio were raving about the next-level technology of this drone. What was important to me, due to primarily being on snow and dirt bikes was that the following feature is one that I could trust while riding. After looking at the footage posted by other riders, I was sold on the follow cam of the Skydio to be the drone for the job!

Wow!! This tracking system is on point. It's like the drone is alive and has a mind of its own! Haha."

Cass Prochera

Favorite Skydio Skill

Hands down the orbit tracking feature have been my absolute favorite way to capture my big alpine days of riding on the snow bike. The continuous 360 tracking view while traversing ridges and descending steep slopes has made for some of the most epic footage I've ever shot on my own. 

Tips for new Skydio Users

Don't be afraid to get after footage that will help to lead up to a great drone capture/reveal. A few times I have put my drone up to get a few quick shots riding out of the trees or up a slope that helps to make a great intro for my video. This is a fun way to get creative with the drone and filmmaking. With the drone being so easy to launch and return it takes no time to grab this quick footage that can be a game-changer for your final video!

Check Out More Snow Biking

Most of my content is featured on my instagram page @cass.pro. Follow me there to see more of my Skydio videos and photos!

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